Trains and gardens used to co-exist, Arbutus resident says

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Trains and gardens used to co-exist, Arbutus resident says

People living along the Arbutus corridor are still fuming as they try to save long-standing gardens while CP Rail crews clears its lands.

Some of the gardens have been here since the 1940s, and trains ran through with no problem.

Says resident Elsie Sands: “When we first started, we did see train vehicles going along the track, so we know for sure they can run their railway without taking out our garden. And we think it’s more a political issue in the negotiation.”

What she doesn’t understand is why gardeners are not being given until end of the growing season so they can salvage as many plants as possible.

Meanwhile, a window was smashed at a backhoe along the corridor overnight and CP police are looking into it.


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  1. Let it go, corridor squatters. CP is free to do with it’s property as it pleases. You were given plenty of notice. Maybe trains and gardens did co-exist in the 1940′s, but do you think that maybe, just maybe, liability issues may have changed since then? Wake up and smell the flowers – just not on someone’s private property.

  2. Don’t the gardeners see that they are pawns in a commercial discussiom between CP andMayor Moonbeam ?
    CP aren’t doing themselves any PR favors … But they are showing that the good Mayor truly is a lightweight .

  3. “When we first started, we did see train vehicles going along the track, so we know for sure they can run their railway without taking out our garden. ”

    But it is not your garden! So simple, yet so difficult to understand.

  4. The Mayor is accusing CP of bullying ? ? Has he forgotten how he railroaded the bike lanes through, despite opposition ?

    I am enjoying seeing the City Council squirm under this.

    The land is private and all who were using it for their own were squatting. Good on CP for not buckling, as so many corporations and governments do.

    I personally think it would a great passenger corridor for light rail. The Canada Line reaching capacity at inception indicates that it would be a successful operation.

    No, I haven’t forgotten the ” Crème de la Crème ” comment. Its similar to people that move to Burkeville and complain about air traffic noise.


  5. Take your shovels over to the Mayor house. I am sure he would love a new garden in his front yard. Or better yet go dig up a piece of Stanley park. Perhaps Moonbeam will simply look the other way.

    It is private property. What do you not get about that fact!

  6. There won’t be trains running on that track , this is a tactic by bullies who couldn’t wait two weeks for the crops to ripen.
    It has been said that a lot of top executives and CEO’s are sociopaths and I tend to agree when you look at how major corporations behave.

    • Moonbeam and his ilk and toadies have listened to the lyrics “This land is your land, this land is our land” so many times they actually believe it. Progressives don’t believe in property rights – for others. They are such strong non-believers that they even managed to keep it out of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      Trevor poor Trevor – wakey, wakey – who are the real bullies? Private corporations or ‘Beamer’ governments that continue to show animosity towards individual and corporate taxpayers? When it comes t bullying, CEO’s and corporations are lightweights compared to governments. Ever try to take on a bureaucracy?

      You have the nerve to call CEO’s sociopaths – I thought being sociopathetic was the calling card for the Progressive, Big Government and Big Public Sector Onion supporters.

      Shall we just say Progressives of a feather flock together.

      • Oh I’m not saying CP doesn’t have a right to clear the land it’s their land and those people new it , but even you must admit the timing is very mean spirited thought out by senior managers .
        It wasn’t the guys in backhoes that decided one day to go and clear the land.
        I stand by what I said that a lot of top executives are sociopaths when you look at knowingly selling dangerous products that kill , harmful practices to workers and environment , ignoring warnings like the Polley Lake disaster , there are thousands of examples of senior managers CEO’S that are capable of doing anything for there own gain.

        • I do agree with your point of why not wait a little longer so that they could get there crops off. Would 2 weeks have made a difference?
          Would have been good PR for CP too.

          Now, the rest I totally disagree with.

  7. Read Pete McMartin’s article in today’s Vancouver Sun – he is bang on with his comments about the west side trespassers on CP land. As for the school children who planted gardens – could be their disappointment will be at their teachers for allowed them to trespass.

  8. Ahhhhh, the west side. The only place where residents think they can do want they want. Get Point Grey Road closed, plant a garden on private property, next they`ll stop rail because it has been quiet for so long and the tea cups rattle during mid-afternoon tea!

  9. Dureing the depreshion , homeless men would camp close to the tracks , and under bridges ,
    easy to catch a fraight train and ride the rails , some of the guys that rode the cool trains down the Fraiser , take your Camera , saw things that most people don’t see every day . Your across the river from the highway . and there was this wall of stone , it looked like a Cathedrid , was several hundred meters high , right along the north sidr of the river , with a single tree growing in it , In 74 I worked CP , Zack’s Gang , EA 8010 , one of our jobs was to clear any trees , or brush from from the diches and sides right up to a fence or edge of right of way , In winter time, they don’t want drifting snow on the tracks , and it’s easer to see any live stock close to the tracks , deer or moose .
    So this is just delayed maintence , on the tracks , and bed . they clear the cluter so they can check the beds , and they may use a tamping machine on the reacks , forceing gravel under the ties , and may have to build up the bed , they might not even use the tracks , but the maintence is done , and the pack rats have cleared out for now ,
    A $ioo million for that strip of land is cheep . this $20 million offered , is a joke you spend more , on these old Hotels , down town , turning them into flop houses ,