Education funding still flowing to Bountiful

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Education funding still flowing to Bountiful

Despite criminal charges laid against the religious leader of the Bountiful commune and three others its independent school still recieve BC Government funding.

Education minister Peter Fassbender says despite the concerning, but unproven, criminal charges the rules around funding the Mormon Hills Elementary-Secondary School is “..clear. We support choice in the province. We support independent schools. We fund them by the forumla that exists for independent schools. Our criteria is very clear they have to meet all of the educational requirements.”

As for what criteria it must meet Fassbender says “They have to have BC certified teachers. They have to teach the curriculum. We do inspect them on a regular basis. If they do teach any religious courses it has to be within the context of the Independent School Act.”

Fassbender says it is the most inspected private school in the province with 17 inspections since 2003.

Fassbender says the safety of children in Mormon Hills Elementary-Secondary School is paramount.

“Absolutely. If we ever recieve any concern for any reason the inspector of Independent School is on that right away.”

Mormon Hills Elementary-Secondary School as a category one independent school recieves about 50-percent of the per student funding a public school would recieve.

Polygamy charges have been laid against commune leader Winston Blackmore, while three others are charged with illegally removing a child from Canada.




  1. Criminal ‘charge’ – yes. Conviction? Not yet. That’s up to the courts, not the public. They are still eligible for government funding, regardless.

  2. Implicit in Fassbender’s comment is that funding of schools in Bountiful is optional and he takes credit for supporting independent schools.

    However since the right of a child to receive an education is enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedom, Fassbender is only doing what is required by law.

  3. Whoa There “insite”!
    These Liberals do not always, as a matter of course, respect or do what is required by law. Two separate Liberal governments have used our Provincial Legislature to deny the Charter Rights of 42,000 British Columbia Public School teachers.
    The Liberals illegally “stripped out/crossed off” collectively agreed to and mutually signed off clauses from a legally binding contract.
    The Legislation has twice been declared “unconstitutional and invalid” by a BC Supreme Court.
    Since the initial Supreme Court decision in April of 2011, the Liberals have been using public money fighting in court to deny teachers their Charter Rights and Public School parents and students quality learning conditions.
    Once again this October, the Liberal government will have to be told by a Supreme Court that in this country you cannot violate a single word of a “legally binding to both parties” contract.
    How much public money has it cost to get this basic lesson of proper business/labour practices through those “thick” Liberal skulls?

    • If you are challenging my earlier post showing how the Liberals only respect court decisions when they win, you must have read the wrong post. I have no issue with your comments. In fact, you have nailed it.

      But I would appreciate it if you would clarify your “Whoa There “insite”! opener line.

  4. My “Whoa…” was prompted by the last phrase of your August 14 [8:40] post which was “…Fassbender is only doing what is required by law.”
    This sounded to me like a belief that of course an Education Minister would follow the law.
    Unfortunately in British Columbia, this has not been the case. Our current Premier when Education Minister used the provincial legislature to introduce and pass “unconstitutional and invalid” contract violating legislation…[did not do what was required by law]
    Mr. Fassbender and the Premier are using public money [October 2014 Supreme Court Appeal] to delay the inevitable confirmation of the illegality of repeated Liberal contract strips and resulting chronic Public Education underfunding.
    Liberals could save all taxpayers a lot of money by good faith bargaining instead of endlessly litigating…[respect & follow the laws; not break them]
    Sounds like we are on the same page ;apologies for any confusion.

  5. With recent revelations on the catastrophic events that took place in British Columbia (more precisely in Bountiful). One wonders at how it is the young in this religious sect were abused (if they were girls) and abandoned (if they were boys). The fact is nothing was done about this. To imagine that for the slightest infraction one can have children removed by the authorities and be placed in prison, where were the safe guards? Where were the police and the MCFD? were they busy aprehending children from “non-threatening” parents? Were they busy keeping up with the documented reality that they hand out tickets? Rather than “protecting” the vulnerable they ignored them. They allowed children to be turned into sex-toys for bizarre religious ideology. It is offensive to me that the police felt they “had no grounds” to incarcerate these perverts. It is offensive that the MCFD will remove children like the Koester’s foster child and Derek Hoare’s child with no direct evidence. Evidence that they obviously had in this concern. Also it is HIGHLY offensive to use a purported idea of enlightenment to enslave others. This seems to have been a point that no one gets. Wars are waged to “force” ideology upon unwilling participants. To those people, I can tell you that I view religious extremists as nothing less than reprehensible dirt. The failures on this one are manifold. We must ensure that those responsible (those who violated these children, the RCMP and the MCFD and anyone else that ignored this are held to account.