CP begins clearing Arbutus rail corridor land

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It looks like Canadian Pacific doesn’t have a whole lot of time for Vancouver’s mayor as they begin clearing the Arbutus corridor as promised.

On July 28th Mayor Gregor Robertson wrote CP’s Chief Executive Officer E. Hunter Harrison.

In the letter Robertson asked him to cease any effort to clear away personal property and gardens along the Arbutus corridor.

With work beginning today to do just that it looks like CP is not inclined to respect the mayor’s request.

Robertson also repeating that city and the rail company remain far apart on the actual value of the land.

The city has offered to buy the land for 20-million..CP wants 100-million.






  1. ….or you could say Mayor Robinson was not inclined to respect CP’s request to have their PRIVATE property vacated by the end of July. CP even gave those along the corridor a 2 week grace period. The gig’s up. There’s a lot of community gardens out there for those displaced from private lands.

  2. Good going CP you show these crem de la crem who is boss and who owns this land.these guys cannot always have it their way. Looking forward to a train service soon.

  3. I can’t even put a tent up in my front yard that I own.
    If somebody started growing stuff in my yard I would rip it up also.
    How about a dozen or so people go plant stuff in moonbeams and that goofy guy meggs front yard and see just how that works out?

  4. Let;s see now $20 million won;t buy you a flop house in Vancouver , just ask the city how much their seedy resadences cost to buy from slum land lord . renavate and run ?

  5. So what are the Crème de la crème complaining about? What part of private property do they not understand? Suppose someone came and planted a garden on their front lawn?
    Would that be ok?

  6. Hunter Harrison isn’t exactly Mary Poppins. Check him out. He would do this out of shear spite. He’s the kind of guy that pulls wings off butterflies, I think.
    The entire schmozzle is nothing more than wind. If I lived along the corridor, I’d be folding up my garden tools, and piping down. Mr. Harrison is the kind of dude that would have engines shunting rail cars up and down the 11 km 24/7 for kicks, then watch property values hit the tank. Be careful with this outfit, folks.

    • You’re absolutely right Eb. Hunter is not a pushover like all the neighborhoods that this Vision council has trampled on for years. The only thing that will make them back down it seems are lawsuits filed by taxpayers. Moonbeam is now whining that CP is bullying Arbutus but let’s not forget he started ripping out downtown streets only 3 hours after his council approved them. So it seems the bully is about to get sand kicked in his face. CP at least gave everyone months of notice and a 2 week reprieve. After a couple of years of mind numbing 24/7 whistle blowing and crumbling foundations, property values along the line will depreciate to the point where CP can snatch them all up for what the Mayor is offering CP….pennies on the dollar. By the way I bought CP at $77 2 years ago and today it’s $207 and climbing. Meanwhile the city under Moonbeam is dead broke. Of course this is becoming personal but any clash between Moonbeam and Hunter would be like Brock Lesner taking on Pee Wee Herman. Let the fun begin.

  7. This is exactly what you get when Gridlock Gregor tries to lowball the big boys who, with their excavator and dump trucks gave Moonbeam and the Vision Council a one finger salute. Moonbeam is dead broke greening this city and now with hat in hand, he expected CP a 43 billion dollar company to give up the most valuable land in Vancouver for chump change? Face it, CP will own that land until they get what they want. Isn’t it ironic that Moonbeam who can’t get rid of the squatters in our streets is now defending the squatters in Arbutus? Could it be an election is coming and the donation cheques from Chip Wilson and Bob Rennie has not arrived? If CP, without permission ran their tracks through the yards of the creme de la creme, all hell would break loose. So why does the creme de la creme with acres of yards feel an entitlement to to use private property they don’t own to grow veggies and berries? I can hardly wait until CP runs their empty trains down that corridor day and night. By law, they must blow their whistles at all crossings but I’m sure Gregor wont’ lose any sleep in his Yaletown condo.

  8. This is a lose lose outcome that benefits no-one and just creates hard feelings .
    As for the NDP commentators here who are gloating over this outcome – your smallminded attitudes don’t look good on you .

  9. Hey, don’t label me as a NDP supporter. I think that CP has a right to their property, moonbeam should not ever use the word bully, if ever there was a bully it’s our dear Mr. Robertson and his cohorts, of course in the name of greening the city.