NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe calls on all parties not to ‘play dirty’

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NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe calls on all parties not to 'play dirty'

The NPA’s candidate for mayor is calling on all parties to clean up their campaigns heading into the municipal election.

All members of his party will be signing a code of conduct and Kirk LaPointe (speaking on the CKNW Morning News) said he hopes other parties will also sign up for similar rules of the game.

“It says the focus will be on policy. Any of the discussion we have will be on what has happened in the past on policy. Personal affairs and private lives have no place in this discussion.”

Vision Vancouver says the NPA is responsible for focusing on Mayor Gregor Robertson’s marriage a short time ago.

And soon after that Lapointe says he was smeared because of decisions he made while an editor more than a decade ago.






  1. I listened to Kirk La Pointe this morning on ‘NW. He continually talked over the heads of his hosts and would not allow them to ask a question. When he finally relented, he obfuscated. One might beieve that he was conducting a controlled press conference. Not very media friendly.

    Expect to see a photo-op of a Code of conduct signing ceremony to be staged soon-a political gimmick borrowed from the past where an ex-mayor held a signing ceremony.

  2. Kirk is missing a key point here – Mayor Moonbeam is heartily disliked by seniors and the silent majority

    He needs to explain how he will be different from the current arrogant Vision bunch, who are hell bent on ramming their agenda down our throats because they think they know what Vancouver should become… And once he does that hopefully enough people will get off their butts rather than just complaining … And Vote !!!

    • We’ll see how the election plays out.

      If you heard Kirk La P{ointe, he was a disaster this morning. Sounded like Adrian Dix-complaining and whinning and couldn’t offer an alternative-other than a code of conduct gimmick.