VPD officer facing disciplinary action for using excessive force

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VPD officer facing disciplinary action for using excessive force

A Vancouver Police officer could be facing disciplinary action after an investigation ordered by BC’s Police Complaint Commissioner determined he used too much force during an arrest two years ago.

Adjudicator Alan Filmer says Constable John Gibbons had reasonable grounds to pull over a BMW driven by a prohibited driver in June of 2012, but he questions why a passenger window was smashed when James Feng was stopped at a traffic light.

He says the force used when Gibbons repeatedly punched Feng in the head was ‘excessive, unnecessary and unreasonable.’

He also points out the first blow was ‘so severe,’ Gibbons broke his own hand before striking Feng two more times.

Filmer says the officer’s claim his actions were justified to keep the suspect from taking off was ‘rather far-fetched’ considering traffic in the area was busy at the time and he knew where Feng lived.

Vancouver Police must now determine what –if any– disciplinary action will be taken against Gibbons.


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  1. It is ridiculous that this has taken up as much time and taxpayer’s money and no doubt will continue to do so. A higher standard and more accountability is expected of the police by the general public and when they fail to live up to these standards or be more accountable for their actions there is no question they should be fired!

    Other professionals, doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. are held to a higher standard or accountability and when they fail to live up to this standard they are dealt with accordingly. So should those we put in the position of trust to protect and enforce the law.