Sterling cannot tarnish Silver

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Sterling cannot tarnish Silver

Donald Sterling (Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE)

Disaster has been averted…at least for now.

The only thing the NBA has left to lose in the Donald Sterling racist rant fiasco is money after a judge finally removed all road blocks to allow Shelly Sterling to sell the LA Clippers to Billionaire Steve Ballmer for 2 Billion dollars.


*** (Donald Sterling – pictured)

Now the suing and counter suing will continue in court for months if not years as Mr. Sterling tries to extract whatever pound of flesh he can from his former partners in the NBA.

But any kind of desk pounding will be done on the back pages of the business section, because the business of basketball on the court will no longer be subject to the racist musings of this particular octogenarian imbecile.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver delivered on what he set out to do…and that was to remove this element of hate from his league, and he has done that for now.

What Silver has also made clear is that he will not allow any type of subversive element to cause chaos in the NBA.  Sterling being left alone to run the Clippers would have killed Silver’s and the NBA’s capability of efficiently running their business.  The league would have lost sponsors, players would have boycotted playing for a racist owner and the Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers would have quit.

It was an all or nothing move by Silver, and a no brainer by the rest of the owners, including the outspoken and mercurial Mark Cuban, who was skeptical of the success of the ouster.  Silver’s message was simple…no one person gets in the way of the NBA conducting business…and if Cuban couldn’t get on board with that, then he isn’t as smart as he lets on.

By removing Donald Sterling, the NBA is a better league today…and they can thank Adam Silver for cleaning up a potential show stopper.


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