Former Maple Ridge teacher banned from teaching in BC for inappropriate videos speaks out

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Former Maple Ridge teacher banned from teaching in BC for inappropriate videos speaks out

“The things that got me in trouble were the cell phone footage and taking pictures with the cell phone, and that’s the disgusting aspect of this whole thing.”

Former Maple Ridge special education teacher John Mackinnon is banned from teaching in BC after he admitted to secretly filming women and girls on his cell phone.

Mackinnon claims he suffered a series of concussions and his mental health deteriorated after a motorcycle accident in 2010.

“Slowly I started to find it harder and harder to control these feelings of perverse sexuality. I kept convincing myself this is okay this okay; I can continue to do this. I was deceiving myself, I was in total denial of it, and it just got worse and worse and worse.”

He says “I’m not blaming the accident completely, because I do feel that I have responsibility over my actions, and I believe what I’ve done, I have to live with whoever I am at this point. So that’s why I took the actions I did after I was arrested.”

Mackinnon was arrested at a Langley Wal-Mart in 2012 for taking videos of women’s posteriors and up women’s skirts.

When police searched recordings on his cell phone, they discovered five recordings from his school.

Two were of a ten year old female student’s groin area from under her desk .

“It was a tremendous betrayal of my students, of my colleagues, of my friends. I feel totally disgusted with myself for doing it, and yet I feel I’ve gone through this, I have to come out the other end, I have to rebuild my life, and whatever it takes I will.”

MacKinnon was criminally charged and pleaded guilty to one count of secretly recording for a sexual purpose.

He was handed an 18 month conditional discharge in January.

He says “the way I took responsibility for my actions after my arrest was to ask my doctor to refer me to a psychiatrist, I joined a 12 step program since I felt the uncontrollable aspect suggested an addiction, I had regular visits to a psychologist specializing in sexual deviant cases, I stayed active in volunteer activities in my community and regularly went to my local church for spiritual support and fellowship.”

MacKinnon agreed to a consent resolution agreement with the Teachers Regulation Branch and will not apply again for a teaching certificate.


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  1. Good for Mr Mackinnon … Manning up to his crimes is the right thing to do
    Note I didn’t write “manning up to his mistakes”….because what he did was a crime not just a mistake.
    Hopefully he can get the help he needs and can start to regain the trust of the people that he comes in contact with .

  2. What about the poor innocent young girls he violated? They’re the ones that will need the help. A motorcycle accident caused him to do this? There’s always an excuse. That’s a new one!

    • He deserves a second chance probably not as a teacher but as a human being. After all, everyone makes mistakes, big or small. We all need the grace of God.

  3. Well said Vic….to unowho: Did you not read the 3rd paragraph – it wasn’t the motorcycle accident that caused this – it was the series of concussions, the last one from the motorcycle accident! (we’ve all heard news stories about what concussions can do to your mental health). I feel the average person who hasn’t had any experience with mental health issues (ie no one in their circle of friends & family have mental health issues) has a more difficult time understanding these issues.
    Good for Mr. MacKinnon for taking responsibility and seeking professional help! Yes, what he did was disgusting and a betrayal of women in general (taking photos) but he never touched anyone, never molested anyone, etc. and thank god he sought help right away for his recovery.