Vancouver man claims police kicked and stomped on his head

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Vancouver man claims police kicked and stomped on his head

A 29 year old Vancouver man claims he lost fifteen teeth after he was assaulted by two police officers in Chilliwack six months ago.

In a notice of civil claim filed in BC Supreme Court Matthew Commodore claims police used excessive force after he was approached near Sweltzer Creek Road in February around 1030pm.

“He was brutally assaulted by these officers. He was attacked by a police dog under their control. He was pushed to the ground and they used their feet to kick and stomp on his head.”

His lawyer, Neil Chantler, wouldn’t outline the events leading up to the alleged assault, but says his client wasn’t doing anything illegal at the time and doesn’t have a criminal record.

Chantler adds “he says they caused him serious bodily injuries. He was forced to undergo emergency constructive surgery to his face, and he had to have his fifteen upper teeth removed.”

Commodore is suing for aggravated and punitive damages.

He claims the behavior shows a shocking and callous disregard for innocent members of the public.

The claim says allowing the pair to escape punishment or sanction for their behavior would cause the community’s respect for the law and for the administration of justice to be diminished and would cause the law and the administration of justice in British Columbia to be brought into disrepute.

Chantler says his client has filed a complaint with the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP.

Chilliwack RCMP declined to comment.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.


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  1. These young up starts are out of hand trying to prove there tough guys big bad ass cops. They don’t understand is a better man who helps a fellow human. Good makes us strong only for a short while so we can help each other. To the young man inherited be thankful you got away with your life. In time it will haunt them they choose a direction they can’t come back from and now will always be bad cops. You will heal there only hope is to come forward and tell the truth of there wrong doing and set things right. If they don’t like I said it will haunt them the rest of there career and life. They are no longer a Beacon of justice but simply wrong doers like the true criminals they let get away now because of this injustice

    • Police investigating police police is suspicious. Even before there was a video was publicised shown declining trust in police because of the actions of a few (that video the RCMP wanted to take into custody and then what’d have happened to it???) of a traveler coming to Vancouver from Poland, not speaking English, spent many hours at the Vancouver Airport and was in very distrurbed state got TASERED a NUNBER of times not as the pat similar sounding statements claimed from the officers involdved. Credibility and respect is hitting low points because some cops forget they are PEACE OFFICERS first and they’re supposed to PROTECT THE PUBLIC not terrorise some members of the public with of without cause.

  2. Shame on all police. Everyone tells the truth when they allege that police have used too much force when they were an innocent bystander. Not only that but we all know they tell everything about the incident and that police have a tendency to find innocent people minding their own business just so they can beat them up.