Chinook fishery re-opens after tailings pond breach

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Chinook fishery re-opens after tailings pond breach

The Chinook salmon fishery on the Quesnel and Cariboo Rivers is once again open.

It had been closed following last week’s tailings pond breach in Mount Polley in central B.C., but Fisheries and Oceans Canada officials says more encouraging water quality test results have prompted them to rescind the closure.

The province has lifted most of the water-use restrictions in the area, including Likely, with the exception of the direct impact zone of the breach, including Polley Lake and Hazeltine Creek.

Daily testing on the water continues.


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  1. While there is not doubt that the failure of a tailings pond is unacceptable, the hysterical howling by all anti progress groups was disturbing to witness

    Do people forget that their standard of living is due to industrial and commercial activities that generate salaries , tax dollars and profits ?

    I know there will be inane comments from Ken and insite and others …this bunch should stop driving. Their cars , turn off the hot water , unplug their refrigerators and sleep in the bushes to back up their sentiments

  2. Gee Wizz, I think it was I, that mentioned, leave it alone, and everything will go back to normal?
    As usual, I was right, with the exception, of our bungling government, looking for good excuses, which all reverts back to cutbacks, so they can bugger with the cost of everything.
    I was educated to believe the government was for the people, not the common enemy.
    We are in trouble folks, if you think about it.
    Oh, by the way, beer is going up Sept. 1, so stock up. Just an example of OUR government, OUR friends, OUR partners, needling another whack of dough out of us. Our friends in Victoria must wince, every time they put another screw in our backs. Sad, so Sad!

      • I pay 88 cents a can on Maui for BC beer. A 2-4 in B.C. is going up $2.50. So, do the math Stevie. Won’t be too long, and the liars will have beer up to 2 bucks a can. Suck it up, and enjoy a ferry ride:>)))))))))))))))))))))))) Oh, watch your hydro bills, too!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Eb . . . they don’t have the high priced union help at the liquor store in Maui . . . you just go to the grocery store or gas station.
          Who do you think pays their wages Eb?
          Do you know of a place where prices have been going down in the last few decades? Please let us all know . . .

  3. Unfortunately it has empowered First Nations to up the political leverage on any development.
    And it doesn’t matter that they don’t want to return to the stone age anymore than the rest of the population.

    If anything the government should be lowering the price of beer – geez we need some good news.

    • I am not a first nation person. The more they can stop these silly pipelines, and chinsey mining companies, the better. The liberals in this province, would sell their first born. Good news out of this band of happy, grinning, thieves, is not on the programme, so bend over, Kelly.

      • Actually if the First Nations stop development in BC- we’ll all be bending over to compensate for the economic loss. I’m not First Nations either but my sister-in-law is and I have met many. I have respect for their culture and am well aware of how they have been collectively screwed over for decades.
        But since our comfy modern society depends entirely on mining products.
        And since our social programs require deep pockets for funding- I’m not going to stand by and be held hostage to Big Environment and groups who have warm and fuzzy notions on basic science.
        How stupid can people really be- to hold up certain industries as “green” when they all use mining products and often produce nothing essential to our lives.
        If mining isn’t in our back yard it’s in some one else’s. At least in Canada we have far better oversight on the operations.

  4. Fresh fish for now , a short sex life than they spon , leaveing their eggs on the bottom , in the sand and gravel , will the crap washed down the water ways ,efect the eggs and later fry ?