UPDATED: ‘Main Street Massacre’ online game lets player shoot up fellow SkyTrain riders

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UPDATED: 'Main Street Massacre' online game lets player shoot up fellow SkyTrain riders

A controversial new online game has popped up.

It’s called Main Street Massacre (warning: game contains foul language). “Mack” the construction worker is stuck on the SkyTrain ride from hell, goes ballistic and takes it out on his fellow riders with an automatic weapon.

The goal is to kill as many people as possible — many of whom are holding tablets — on the station platform and the stairwell. Then you shoot up fare gates and ticket boxes.

SkyTrain has had a tough summer, with two system wide meltdowns and other smaller shutdowns. It let people ride for free on BC Day, but that partially backfired when larger than expected crowds came out.

Commuters at Main Street SkyTrain station Wednesday morning had mixed feelings about the game.

“I think it’s a very poor idea. I’m very alarmed at the increase in violence in video games,” says one rider.

“I think, if people want to play a game about killing their fellow Vancouverites, then, that’s their business. I don’t know if that will actually affect their mind to be swayed in a violent way,” says another.

Another commuter had this to say: “I would play that game right now. I mean, the SkyTrain causes everybody headaches every day of the week, so you know, I could take my frustration out on some SkyTrain workers, some innocent citizens walking by. Yeah, I’d play it right now, sign me up.”

Translink is appealing to the news media, asking them to stop “promoting a video that appears to advocate violent behaviour against SkyTrain employees and passengers.”

Transit Police say they’re reviewing the video to see if any police-related issues come to light.



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  1. This is news worth reporting!! The person who came up with this SICK game should be reported to police and investigated. Sick!! How could any media outlet report on such garbage?????

  2. There is no such thing as bad publicity – the creator must be loving all the attention. @unowho: Report it to police???? It is not illegal to create violent video games.

  3. It is a game. Get over it!

    I agree though that it MUST be a slow news day.

    AND to the first commenters post – Does TransLink not exploit for the sole purpose of making money? Think about it!

    • You’re absolutely right, it’s just a game. But it’s a game bent on a virtual slaughter (hopefully that’s where it stays) as a reaction to a couple of hours of frustration. Way over the top don’t you think? We can only pray somebody doesn’t take it literally.

      And let’s hope Translink is out to make money – sometimes I wonder though. Wouldn’t it be great if they could do it better without requiring so much taxpayer money?

      I suppose if there’s a good side to the story, it shows us once again the depravity of a few around us. Why shouldn’t I state my objection and disgust in response? Isn’t silently ignoring such behaviour or suggesting it’s not all that bad part of the problem?

    • Why not? It’s not like there’s facial recognition in the game or anything. And the day is young…. just watch for all the wannabe’s that are going to get on the coat tails of this game. Like: ‘When good bus riders go bad’ or ‘Take me out on the Seabus?’
      Are you also saying construction workers are going to take exception to being portayed as going ballistic on the Skytrain?