Neskonlith Indian Band hands Imperial Metals eviction notice

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Neskonlith Indian Band hands Imperial Metals eviction notice

The Neskonlith Indian Band is vowing to halt another proposed mine associated with Imperial Metals after the Mount Polley Tailings Pond breach.

Chief Judy Wilson says Neskonlith has not given its consent to the Ruddock Creek Mine in Chase near the Adams River.

Wilson says they assert jurisdiction and Aboriginal title.

“We do not want anything poisoning the water. We do not want any tailing pond spills or any disasters happening to our waterways or to our salmon.”

Wilson says Imperial Metals is already discharging water from their exploratory mining activities into the local watershed.

A statement reads: “The Mount Polley Tailings Pond breach on August 4, 2014 could have been prevented if Imperial Metal had proper risk assessment and management practices in place and the provincial and federal governments had properly assessed and monitored the mining operation. Instead no actions were taken, the tailings pond was over capacity and toxic substances continued to be discharged, resulting in a catastrophic breach. “

It goes on to say: “As the Yecwiminte r Tmicw, the caretakers of our land and waters, Neskonlith, part of the Lake Secwepemc People, have an obligation to protect our land for our future generations. Neskonlith Indian Band cannot permit any mining development especially in these Sacred Headwaters that will contaminate the water or destroy our salmon habitat. Our Elders stated they do not want anything that poisons our water or salmon. Our People made a declaration opposing the Ruddock Creek mine and held water ceremonies to protect our water and salmon. Our Council stands with our Elders and People, we oppose the proposed Ruddock Creek mine by Imperial Metals and hereby evict Imperial Metals from our territory.”


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  1. The more garbage that is spouted by the Defenders of the Indefensible, the harder it will be to open new mines in our province. It’s a good thing that FNs have got the clout that some of us do not have.

    The FNS have the recent SCOC decision that gives them considerable say in resource development in this province.

    It would be wise for our political leaders, mining proponents and most of all, uninformed posters on this site to dial down the rhetoric. If the FNS cannot trust you, and that is rather obvious, things can get a lot worse for you.

    Wake up!!!

    They say honey attracts more bees…

    • If you placate spoiled, bratty children (which the natives are acting like) you end up with a child that becomes more bratty.
      The “cannot trust” train runs both ways on that track.

      • I respect First Nations for doing their best to prevent their way of life being pis…down the drain. All government and industry seem to be able to do is say this will never happen again. Why should that comfort us? Government calls precautionary steps red tape.

        Bennett calls the breach no worse than a natural mudslide. That’s not good enough for me.

    • Also – quick note – look at our ‘founding’ documents – not a lawyer (thank heavens) but there’s a little clause in there called the “notwithstanding clause” – if it’s not in BC;s interests, we can invoke this and tell the SCOC to shove it sideways (like Quebec has done with their language legislation).

      • You could also get your way if the provincial government invoked the Notwithstanding Claus to pre-empt the possibility that the SCOC might rule that stripping teachers of their right to bargain working conditions is unconstitutional.

        It is my understanding that provincial governments are somewhat limited in their ability to invoke the notwithstanding clause.

        Be very careful for what you wish…, because your charter rights may be next and similarily eroded.

        I look forward to you leading the charge.

  2. I can’t see how it benafits , any one in BC , to have these big mines , and tailings ponds , all over the province , 20 was the number that I heard , Who makes the profits on the gold , and who ends up paying for the clean up . The Lake People are right , Back home we have the same problem , The Americans keep dumping their wast into the Red River , It carries the crap into Lake Winnapeg , And isn’t good for The fishing , These big gold diggers don’t care , and neather do the yanks .

    • If you can’t see the benefits, then you haven’t looked hard enough and merely depended on being indoctrinated by the Progressive rhetoric. Educate yourself and look at how many jobs (you do know what they are don’t you?) and taxes the Province and Feds derive from these activities; the same revenues that support many of the social services that you, while living in our province, benefit from. You really have to take a deep breath and start looking at ALL of the facts; rather than simply relying on the half-truths and quoting what you “heard” or believe. Lake People?

      There are positive and negative aspects associated with ALL of our activities; whether it is mining, creating a city in which to live, the electricity that allows you to use your computer and other electronic devices, etc. The ‘game’ is to minimize the adverse impacts created by our activities while maximizing the benefits that we all enjoy.

      Are you a member of C.O.P.E. – you know, the Committee Opposing Practically Everything?

      You also realize it’s a free country; you don’t like BC then you have the right to go back to your “home”; did you say Winnipeg – gee I wonder why you came out here? Was it because of the weather, employment or the taxpayer-paid benefits – or did the mosquitoes drive you out?

  3. Where in hell did this first nations crap come from?? Can they prove it? How many can prove a pure straight bloodline??
    This gang Demand better living conditions but block the income needed to pay for them.
    They say they do not want to assimilate or become Canadian.
    Fine, give them no more housing, hospital services. school nothing, nada. How many people out there are fed up with minorities getting special treatment.How many are fed up with the Billions spent on Indian Affairs?? How many are fed up with special fishing days

    • Remember there is a big reason for all of this – it is beneficial to the natives, the bureaucrats and their employment prospects, the politicians and the lawyers; it rather conveniently seems to be beneficial to everyone but the taxpayers that are footing the bills for all of this. But then again – we continue to allow this nonsense to happen. You want a REAL eye-opener, read the Nisga’a Agreement all the way through and tell me it’s final and not a never-ending loop to benefit everyone but those pesky taxpayers (among other things).

    • I totally agree with you. Perhaps some of these bloggers are investors…the ones who aren’t prepared for resource companies to institute fail safe programs to protect our environment as well as their investment.

      • David dear David: Do you not realize there is ABSOLUTELY no such thing as a “fail safe” program – unless you just want to sit on your a** and do nothing – but even there you could always fall out of the chair when you get doped up or in-in-inhubricated. Even terminal total stupidity isn’t fail safe.

        I’d like to contend for the ‘Oscar’ of stupid comments for the day – “Like duh – maybe all the other bloggers are loons and environMENTALists that have a crappy disposition because they have their head where the sun don’t shine.” That sure makes a contribution. Could you feel the sarcasm?

        Again – address the issues not just throw ‘mud’ (in the form of mindless platitudes) around and hope it sticks. You realize investors help turn the wheels of industry that provides the taxation that supports so many of the social programs in our province that you and others depend on; don’t you? And horrid thoughts of horrid thoughts – they would even like to make some money on their investment because of the risks they take. And just for the record – I don’t have enough money to be “an investor”.

        FYI – I have never met anyone in the resource industry, or any business for that matter, that wants to actually destroy the environment. Far from it, most of the people I know or have met want to preserve our environment – these guys (and ladies) love the outdoors and often activities like fishing and even sometimes hunting. Although I can only speak for those that I’ve met and that come from this part of the world. Maybe you run into people that ‘ain’t frum round heres’.
        I just love the Progressive mindset – it’s such low-hanging fruit.

      • @David-A disclosure…. I am an investor in some publicly-traded corporations involved in mining, oil (conventional, oil sands and off-shore), and natural gas.

        And I believe in growth and profit but I do not want to see our environment destroyed either. I want my grandchildren and future generations to enjoy our beautiful province.

        And I am not so naive that unfettered resource extraction is the only way to increase the value of my portfolio. I point to my 100 percent portfolio gain during my retirement despite regular withdrawls over 15 years.

    • And who is respecting those that work their ‘butts’ off in the resource industry and the BC taxpayer and their hard-earned money?
      It seems as soon as the taxpayer wants their wishes to be respected and the way THEIR money is being spent – all of a sudden they have to can the rhetoric and be respectful. It’s the old Progressive move – attack the individuals in anyway you can and hope not to address the issues. If that’s your intent – nice try.
      And you’re right – rhetoric will get nowhere – it’s time for those paying the freight to get into action – and that doesn’t mean just BMW’ing (*itching, moaning and whining) – it means getting away from the TV and getting actively involved.

      • You sound as if you invented the term ‘respect’ and when it is relevant and necessary. That reminds me of which came first… ‘the chicken or the egg.’

        Disagreeing with and calling out opposing perspectives does not constitute a personal attack. It is your problem that you take it personally-not mine.

        Characterizing persons for their environmental and humanitarian views as progressives, socialists, Marxists, communists, dippers, NDPers, etc., constitute instances of personal attacks.

        I’m sure that my perspectives are shared (or not) by persons with the same or differing political leanings.

        So it is inappropriate to generalize and throw them under the bus with me.

        Since you are seemingly totally issue-oriented, there must be instances where you agree completely with me. Yes?

  4. Taxes is all the rage , and I know because I pay them to , in fact if you want to get a tax break , than do as I do , I collect certon things , It could be rare books or dockuments , pertainging to history , And Arcives say in Unaversatys , donate , them and you usualy get a tax wright off
    The last one I receaved was for $2800 .
    The reason the Lake People don’t want to take a chance on this gold mine , is because they don’t want their water paluted , and fish , which is their food scorse , interfiered with , it’s not who is better , or who was here longer , I’m 60 and I figure if you are younger than I , than I was here before you , but if you were 80 than you were here before me .
    We should live in the present , and not with dead people , What we do to day is important ,
    and Respect should be shown to all men , and not just the high muck E mucks .