NPA mayoral candidate demands a more accountable city hall

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“We need to create in my view the most open and transparent government in Canada.”

That’s the man hoping to be the next mayor of Vancouver under the NPA banner.

Kirk LaPointe has unveiled an eight-point plan to make City Hall more open and accountable.

It includes appointing an ombudsperson to investigate complaints against the city and calls for a bylaw requiring the city to disclose information routinely.

“My general thrust would be to put the emphasis on disclosing information, opening up the data, making people aware of how the dollars are spent.”

LaPointe says it would cost far less than what the city spends now on public relations.


  1. Gregor promised the same thing and that amounted to nada….

    If the NPA promised and inspired volunteer contractors to open Pt Grey Road to the rest of Vancouver residents- I wonder how many people would automatically vote for them out of anti- Gregor, anti-Chip Wilson and anti-creme de la creme sentiment.

    We need a full audit of city hall (using standard private sector accounting methods).
    It’s time to divest capital expenditures from operating costs that they tend to bury and hide reality of where our taxes go.
    And how about the ousting of the all double dippers….all those retirees collecting a city or provincial or federal pension and at the same time back working for the city.
    Wouldn’t we all like to get on THAT gravy train.