Transit Police: SkyTrain riders who force open doors could be fined

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Transit Police: SkyTrain riders who force open doors could be fined

Transit riders will now face a $115 fine if they pry open a SkyTrain door while the train is stopped.

“We hope that if people realize they are not going to get off scot-free, people will listen to this and recognize that it’s just not worth it.”

Anne Drennan with Transit Police says this comes after two lengthy system wide shutdowns in July.

“Because pictures and video etc of all these people walking along the guide way, and the story about prying the doors open became kind of a big thing, it appears that we’ve got some kind of copycat behavior going on.”

Drennan says while the system is designed for safe evacuation, the track is charged with 600 volts, and you could be electrocuted.

A criminal charge of public mischief could be also be considered.


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  1. well then they better have better plans than they did during a four hour disruption. I will without a doubt get the hell out after an hour of waiting in the heat…Dumbasses at translink need to be fired, and blow up the system that’s in place now, and upgrade the commodore 64 that runs the system. Things would roll better on the track, if heads rolled at head office…Lets start cutting out the “fat” in the translink organization, and get back to basics…and cut out performance bonuses given out for, it seems, incompetence.

  2. What a joke to fine someone that is trapped indefinitely on a train that breaks down. I goes TransLink wants to re-coup their losses from the free transit day.

    Get rid of TransLink!

  3. For safety -it’s reasonable to impose fines.
    But I think if the cars are stalled for more than a hour, people will be prying open the doors regardless of the fines. So Translink needs to find a way to ensure wait times are never longer than 20 or 30 minutes.

  4. I can see claustrophobia taking over! The way passengers are jammed in rail cars, I for one would be out of there in a heartbeat. Don`t tell me I have to stay in there with hundreds of people. What is translinks plan if a small fire starts in one of the cars? What if they can`t pry the doors? How come the TTC never have issues like our skytrain system. And that has been running for over 50 years. As for electrocution, that`s the price you pay should you walk out but would have to be a fool to actually get electrocuted. It`s obvious where the power source is, which in translinks case is charged some of the time!

  5. One of the safety systems on Sky Train is an intrusion detection that cuts the power to the tracks (A heavy snow load in the past has caused the trains to go down) so unless that system is inoperable or also running on state of the ark Pentium1 technology you cannot be electrocuted. Mind you the system can not be brought back on line until the tracks are clear.

    Here is a novel concept cut the fat eliminated things like GVTAPs and Executive Perks and fix the sky train so people don’t feel a need to burn shoe leather to get to the next station

  6. I’ll bet a good majority of those fines would go to court and would a judge uphold them? Maybe but maybe not. Especially if the people could show they were waiting for a long period of time, were in no danger, were causing no danger and had no indication of what the so called authorities knew what they were doing

  7. What a joke time wasted on thus issue.Gine the jerks who do not pay that’s where you should be placing your energy,again what a joke.Poor choice of people making decisions making 150,000 $$$ a year.