Minister won’t go easy on mining company whose main shareholder supported Premier

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BC’s Mines Minister says he won’t go easy on Imperial Metals just because its controlling shareholder supports Christy Clark.

The Vancouver Sun reports N. Murray Edwards helped organize a $1-million fundraiser to boost the premier’s re-election bid last year.

But Bill Bennett says his government won’t cut this company a break as it investigates the tailings pond breach near Quesnel.

“If they have been negligent, if they have been dishonest, if they have made mistakes even in an honest way, they’re going to pay for it.”

When asked by CKNW’s Mike Smyth how can he assure the public of an independent investigation, Bennett says he couldn’t reveal details of the government’s plan on that yet — but hopes to do so this week.


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  1. When the minister was asked by Smyth if the mining company had insurance to cover such a disaster, the minister stated “I hope so” . This tells me that this minister has absolutely no clue what he is doing if he had not educated himself about this company and about the mining portfolio in general.

    Christy who?

  2. Under all the crooked corrupt breaks and mis-management that have come to light over the recent pass that all point fingers to the Libs, even this government doesn’t have the audacity to cut Trixy’s friends another break. The timing is too bad for that to happen.
    If only N. Murray Edwards’ company would have had this happen a few months earlier or a few months later. The Libs are starved for some good press right now.
    I really feel bad for the drop in the bucket penalty that these shareholders will have to pay out. Heart breaking, hope they won’t be under too much financial stress. It would be a shame if they can’t upgrade their 2013 Yachts, practically obsolete at this time.

  3. “If they have been negligent, if they have been dishonest, if they have made mistakes even in an honest way, they’re going to pay for it.” Bill Bennett

    Seen the Jeremy Williams pictures making the Facebook rounds today Minister? Good thing he’s keeping us updated since neither Imperial, the Feds OR the Province seem to think it’s a priority……

  4. And speaking of the Premier – where is she? In hiding again? Why has she NOT shown ANY leadership on this environmental mess?

    The shareholders are looking a class-action lawsuit. Presumably to get their money BEFORE the company pays a single dime of the clean up costs. They will go bankrupt from the suit and guess who will be on the hook for the costs – Right NOT the lame duck premier!

  5. Full Inquiry now! If the Liberals try to weasel out of a full independent inquiry both the opposition and the media need to jump all over this! We will be watching….

  6. Where is Ron_26,Chris_18, Dale of the left coast, BCskuller, Commonsense, Stephen, and all the other supporters, they comment and deflect and defend this government of any wrong doing’s and attack any of the concerned people of BC that does not share with their ideology. The Government is wrong here and some people will begin recall starting Nov. 17th 2014. The Government is not for it’s people, it’s just for the corporations and foreign investors and workers. Recall the lot of them, this is insanity with the destruction of BC.

    • KEN: Do you ACTUALLY read my comments Ken? How on earth do you get me being a supporter of this government? I repeatedly have stated that I don’t support any of these characters – NDP, Liberal or otherwise. I have repeatedly used Rafe Mair’s comment on politics – that you don’t have to be a 10 when the opposition is a 2 – and stated that I wished we had more than 3′s in power.
      I don’t deflect from and defend the Liberals – I do point out the stupidity of the left Progressives that want to replace these Progressives with just different Progressives. I do address issues that just don’t make common sense. Remember my comment – right wing, left wing, same bird? Does that sound like a supporter of the current government? Do my constant attacks on the Liberals, who refuse to REDUCE the size of government and who continue passing bigger and bigger tax bills to the taxpayer, sound like a supporter?

      FYI – I don’t believe in “the people”; I believe in “the person”; i.e. the individual versus the sheep and political toadies in special interest groups – a HUGE difference in philosophy. I believe government should be there to represent the person and not special interest groups. I also believe the NDP is the bigger threat to the person – but not by a ‘heck’ of a lot.

      I try not to attack the people who don’t share my ideology (like what you are doing now) but the philosophy that puts big government, big unions, big ‘whatevers’ and the nanny state (that destroys freedom) ahead of “the person” and the small and medium size businesses. Note – big businesses can take care of themselves.

      I especially don’t like those that use lies and personal attacks to cover their own shortcomings and try to deflect the discussion from the issues – a favourite tactic of the Progressive mindset (left or right).

      Again, as far as I recall, I find it strange that the group/party (that has supported policies the most destructive to our province and can “misspeak” – that’s PC for telling lies – with the best of them) wanting to take the highroad with recalls; their previous actions and lack of morality have shown they aren’t entitled to this take position. I look like an elephant and have memory like one.

      I also especially DETEST those that wish to destroy “the person” by taxing the daylights of him/her, piddle their hard-earned money away and then come back for yet more in order to feed their mindless, unaccountable wasteful bureaucrats. That’s only slavery to the state and the antithesis of personal freedom.

      You state this government is not for the “workers” – may I guess that (in your humble opinion) only includes union members (probably mainly public ones); you seem to exclude all those workers that are busting their ‘rear-ends’ to keep their businesses and personal lives afloat and stop the bleeding caused by lazy-butts in the bureaucracies that continue to steal their money? I would gladly support any party that is for “the worker” – the individual (and ALL of them) – I just don’t see it with any of the major parties – especially the NDP. The voters in this province clearly turned their backs to the NDP mindset in the last election and elected the best of a VERY poor lot. Maybe by the next election we can bring in a government that doesn’t make us slaves to big government, big unions and big bureaucracy but represent “the person” – i.e. not Liberal or NDP.
      Ken – I’m not a fan of the Liberals (to me right-wing Progressives) and certainly not a fan of the (even worse) NDP Progressives; and I’m certainly not a fan of any individual that wants to skirt the FACTS and issues by slinging mud at the persons in opposition with mindless and meaningless platitudes. I also DETEST those that label anyone not of their mindset as – as you infer – not concerned. Even if I feel those I disagree with are misdirected, I have never accused them of not being concerned. Does this make you understand me a little better?

      • Ken: I will apologize for one thing – in my state of fatigue, I misread part of your comment – you did say you the gov’t was for the worker. Sorry, but you confused me – but I don’t understand why anyone would be upset for gov’t supporting the worker – it’s the workers (taking aside many gov’t employees) that create the wealth that the disadvantaged (and the sadly freeloaders) live off. The rest of my comment stands!

  7. The water-quality tests indicate that the tailings water is safe for human consumption and fish because Quesnel Lake, a large body of water, has diliuted the toxins to a safe level. Please don’t call me out for paraphrasing the “good news” put out by the provincial government.

    Now if we are to believe this crap, why are tailing ponds required in the first place?

    If 15 miilion cubic metres of suddenly-released waste water and sludge can be safely diluted by our waterweays, tailing ponds should be elimainated completely. Surely if waste water and sludge is released daily in small amounts, our creeks, lakes and rivers can absorb all the toxic wastes created by mining development. This is the kind of thinking that captures the hearts of the Defenders of the Indefensible.

    Imagine what will happen to our environment, if every resource-extraction development were allowed to dump their toxic waste water and sludge without treatment into our creeks, lakes and rivers. While a single watershed may handle the toxic waste from one mine (released all at once or slowly), consider the cummulative effect on the Fraser, Skeena, etc where it eventually ends up. SO, tailing ponds are a fact of life but they need to be deigned, built and operated properly..

    I would worry about all the rest of the tailing ponds in this province considering that they have been designed, built and operated and maintained to the same strict provincial standards as the Polley Mine. They are disasters waiting to happen.

    We need to remember the complaints of the mining industry that it was held back by excessive regulation.

    Well deregulation has deliverd results -IN SPADES.

    • one doesn’t have to imagine what will happen to our environment, it IS happening now! I used to live in YK in the 70′s when arsenic was leaching from the mines then. Yellowknife, is currently sitting on 237,000 tonnes of arsenic, enough to kill the entire human population of our planet a few times over.

      from a recent article: Our northern Canadian territories often get written off by most of us province-dwelling folk as a frigid tundra of nothingness. But it’s probably about time us southerners start paying attention to the situation up north. Yellowknife, is currently sitting on 237,000 tonnes of arsenic, enough to kill the entire human population of our planet a few times over.
      Now this arsenic is kept in a crumbling infrastructure and is contaminating the local water supply (Great Slave Lake), the time has come to do something about it. Now that it is 2014 and our Canadian government is older and wiser, they have finally come up with what a reasonable solution to our minor poison problem: we are going to freeze the 237,000 tonnes of arsenic trioxide underground for all of eternity.

      The government had originally hoped that permafrost would creep its way back into the area and freeze the arsenic naturally, despite warnings from engineers that came as early as the 1950s that this would not be the case. After a decade of fruitless waiting the government’s plan to achieve this “frozen block” solution is to mimic the way an ice rink is kept frozen. That is: by continuously pumping coolant into the ground, the arsenic should theoretically stay frozen.

      The freezing as of now is expected to cost at least one billion initially, and then an additional two million every subsequent year.

      the last owner of the giant mine has signed the mine over to – you guessed it! – the feds so guess who is on the hook for cleanup? why is this allowed to happen?