Frantic parents search for daycare spots as teachers’ dispute drags on

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Frantic parents search for daycare spots as teachers' dispute drags on

With just weeks to go before school is supposed to start, day cares around Metro Vancouver are scrambling to make room for kids in case the teachers’ dispute isn’t resolved.

Nilda Borrino with Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House says calls from parents looking for back-to-school care always ramp up this time of year, but this time, it’s unprecedented.

“We have a clientele of the Mount Pleasant community, but were getting calls from folks that are not normally in our program, so we can only accommodate a certain amount of programs because were are a licensed program, so there’s a bit of panic.”

Borrino says they will bump some youth and seniors’ programs to make room for as many school-aged kids as possible in September.

YMCA organizers also plan to take kids for full days in the fall.


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  1. Really Dwight….government wants ability to void a contract when they lose once again in the courts. How much is it going to cost taxpayer’s when government has to pay for all violations of the restored contract back to 2002. Wouldn’t it be smarter to make a deal now with a BCTF for less. Secondly, everyone knows this is Christy Clark’s personal battle with teachers. Yet no one has a problem with her using taxpayer money to do it.

    • Of course it would be better, but the BCTF wants everything. The Government has tried to negotiate with them, but again the BCTF wants it all. You can’t negotiate in a vacuum!
      Wow what is going to happen if the Government wins this on Appeal?

  2. As a taxpayer I will not be happy if they are given a signing bonus. The only people in the private sector who get them are professional athletes. They chose to go on strike and as union members they have to suffer the consequences.

  3. Spencer. ..The government offered a signing bonus so it is one time payment. Other unions got 3 to 4 percent increases while teachers got zero. Most of bonus will government through taxes. Teachers base salary would not have changed. Stop being fixated on bonus…it is a way for Liberals not to give teachers the same as other public sector unions. Most of then will see a 9 percent increase over 7 years…teachers only 7 if current deal accepted.

    • Dave you can feed that crap to your comrades, but it is BS. The Teachers have been offered no more or no less than the other Unions.
      You have to understand, when you get an agreement it is over. You can’t keep going back on those settlements and cry it was not enough.
      If it is only class size and comp. have you dropped your other outrageous demands?
      You want to keep ignoring them. Lets hear, are they off the Table?

  4. Lay out the facts Dwight. the numbers. Easy to say something without backing it up. Let me school you. CUPE support workers signed a deal for 3.5 percent over 2 years in Sept 2013. It was retroactive 2 years. June 2014 they sign deal for 5 years 5.5 percent with improved benefits and they get all wages lost to teachers job action in June and Sept if strike continues. Do math…over 7 year period CUPE wages will go up 9 percent.

    • Ha ha. How insane is that? If the BCTF had contributed a million dollars to the Liberals, they would be even slimier thugs and further in the hole than they are now – or booted even further away from the BC Federation of Labour. I wouldn’t rule anything out with them though.