Okanagan First Nations sue province

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Seven BC First Nations are taking the province to court.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip says the government shouldn’t be surprised.

He says they’ve tried for a year to agree on how to fix B.C.’s broken treaty process, but there’s been no movement from the province, so they’ve launched a lawsuit.

Phillip says the government signed away part of their ancestral land in a treaty deal with another First Nation.

The group, called the Okanagan Nation Alliance, includes the Osoyoos Indian Band, Penticton Band and Upper Nicola Band.


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    • Only in your slanted opinion.
      The BC Liberals probably have the best record of successful treaty negotiations in the country. Even now, they are the first government to finally have the courage to see the BCTF as nothing more than a simple trade union – not an arm of government as Iker’s boys would rather think. I suspect the courts will agree. Their real legacy won’t be seen for many many years from now though so you’ll just have to wait to see how wrong you are.

      • Again, your response clearly indicates you are a “Teacher Hater”, and nothing much more, as this article and David’s response has little to nothing to do with the BCTF.

  1. Someone help me out here please. The Feds give over $7 Billion a year to the Indians. Is some of this money used to hire lawyers in cases like this? If so, are we taxpayers not then paying to not only to sue ourself but also to defend ourselves . No matter how this plays out WE lose.

  2. The lawyer firms have been double dipping this for years. The only one winning anything for the last thirty years is the lawyers who would like to never see a settlement.

  3. Murray. For sure the money is from the 7 billion that we donate to them from our tax money that we pay. It’s not like many of them work AND NON OF THEM PAY TAXES.

  4. Without knowing all the facts how can you blame the Government. Yes Murray it appears we pay both sides. Treaty settlements also include the Federal Government who have to sign on to any agreement. It appears a dispute regarding a previous giving of land to another first nations group is what is in dispute. But there are those who have to bring politics into everything particularly those who lost the last election. Comments should be made regarding the subject matter of which little is known.

  5. I don’t think the Liberals realy care , how did the other band get the land deamed to them ? was it because they applied to the Government for it , or was it a gift , a thank you for voteing for me ? Which is all the rave these days .

  6. The concept of getting BC involved with treaty negotiations was to get issues settled so that we can proceed with ‘normal’ operations in our province – especially in regard to resource utilization. How many times have we heard this from the NDP, Liberals and their toadies?
    How well as that worked? From what I’ve seen, it has only compounded the problems – especially in light of the entitled, petulant attitudes of many of our natives. It continues to be apparent they want our money and efforts, but not us. Sorry, as the song stated – you don’t get one without the other.
    I have said numerous time before – Native Affairs is a FEDERAL responsibility. It is up to the Feds to work out the treaties with the approval and participation of the province; they should be the point men on this. Any land claims settlements should also include BC being reimbursed for loss of lands and revenues derived from those lands; paid out of Federal revenues. Let’s get Ottawa to pretend we’re Quebec and give our money and any attached bonuses back to us for a change. Do we have to fall on the floor, kick our feet and scream separation?
    Victoria – remember the not withstanding clause (not quite the same ring as remember the Alamo, but it will get our point across); that’s our protection in confederation from unjust treatment by other levels of government and our supreme? courts. Anyone not have the opinion that Western Canada is not being treated fairly?
    Is there ANYONE out there willing to work for the taxpayer instead of politicians, government employees and special interest groups? At what point does the taxpayer say “ENOUGH” and the sheep look up?