Polak seeking information on Cariboo breach

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Polak seeking information on Cariboo breach

The Environment Ministry says it’s hoping the public will help in the investigation into the Imperial Metals tailings pond breach in BC’s Cariboo region.

Environment Minister Mary Polak says she’s heard the public’s concerns about mining safety before the tailings pond disaster took place, and wants anyone who knows anything to come forward.

“They are interviewing people and they want to interview folks. We have been urging them in the community if they have information please come forward. If we can find that there were issues raised that were not brought forward, we have to address that directly.”

So, is there a chance the government missed anything?

Could this have been anticipated?

“That’s one of the things that we’re looking at very closely. The information around the level of inspection, and number of inspections is now out there and has been posted; we have looked at that. There doesn’t appear to be any decline in the rate of inspection for that mine.”

Environment Minister Mary Polak  was speaking with CKNW’s Jill Bennett.


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  1. Mary (looks like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car) wants answers. Did snookums approve this??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Ms. Polac you and your outfit just a bit late at the switch,you should have been monitoring this facility so this would not happen,but this happens when you are assleep on the job.

  3. Well Well , lets get off our asses and go on down to this stink pit an interview the folks ,
    When 90% of them work at the mine , Would you stab your boss in the back , if it ment a loss of work for you and your neighbour . Check the last few inspections , And interview the inspectors , How much water was in the pond ? And how stable was the dike ?
    Was there any rain fall in resent weeks ? ETC , Sending Conservation Officers in would not realy help , I would inploy the army to do the investagation ,And rebuilding a new treatment plant
    and , tailings dump .These high graders can aford it , just look at the profits , from the past years .