UPDATES: Langley dog walker charged with animal cruelty

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UPDATES: Langley dog walker charged with animal cruelty

Langley dog walker Emma Paulsen has been charged with six animal cruelty related charges.

One of those charges is positive duty to protect an animal, which is the first of its kind in B.C.

Paulsen is charged with the deaths of six Langley dogs who allegedly died from overheating in the back of her pick up truck.

Paulsen originally said the dogs had been stolen from her truck.

That sparked a search, after which a pet detective said Paulsen told him the dogs had died, and she had panicked, and made up the story.

Their bodies were later found in a Fraser Valley ditch.

In the meantime, one of the dog’s owners breathed a sigh of relief after learning of the charges.

Eric Ortner, whose dog Buddy – a Boston Terrier – passed away, says it brings some closure.

“I mean we still miss Buddy, every single day and I mean Jen still sometimes breaks down crying but it does kind of give a little bit of closure to the whole situation and kind of makes it feel like it wasn’t all for nothing.”

Paulsen was taking care of Buddy and five other dogs on May 13th.