Fresh fish arriving for Williams Lake band after Polley Lake disaster

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Fresh fish arriving for Williams Lake band after Polley Lake disaster

The Musqueam band has shipped fish to the Williams Lake band after the Polley Lake disaster – but it’s coming at a cost.

Musqueam Fisheries Manager Richard Sparrow says they’ll still share fish with the Williams Lake band.

This despite being told by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans they’ll add the number of fish to their yearly fishing tally – not Williams Lake’s.

“This is a unique situation, we hope we never see a disaster like this again,” said Sparrow. “You would think that the DFO would recognize that, and show some flexibility, and allow the fishing to take place so we can help the communities that need it.”

Sparrow says their number for social and ceremonial needs is at 75-thousand per year.

That number isn’t enough to support their own band.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has yet to respond.

In the meantime, Williams Lake chief Ann Louie says their band is still concerned with fish consumption safety.

“Saying it’s probably going to be safe to be utilize…me personally, I’d be scared to try it and I know our people are all saying the same thing. It’s easy for the company and the government to tell us it’s okay to eat that fish, but our people eat that fish more than anybody else.”


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    • Al. No it doesn’t go to waste. They sell it at the side of the road and in the Pubs etc etc. And the rest they sell to a fertilizer company.
      And I know that we are not supposed to walk on their land. But wow. You see lots of them shopping at Save-On foods in South Surrey/ White Rock. How come it’s ok for them but not us people who have paid billions probably trillions to them since this nonsence started??????

    • According to the 2011 National Household Survey, there was a total of 1,400,685 Aboriginal people in Canada, 75000 fish just isn’t going to feed them all hope you got your front door open

  1. Our local first nation’s people were selling their individual allotted 16 fish per person food fish last week. That was likely 16 fish out of the first delivery, not sure.

  2. There are fewer than 1250 Musqueam band members, about half living on the band area/reserves. So, at 75000 fish that is 60 per person per year.

    It is not as though the people of Polley Lake are going to starve. News flash-there are these big buildings where you can buy food-everyone does it. Grocery stores?

    Yes, insite, the ministry just flipped a coin, heads they are safe and tails they are not. Heads won, but the conspiracy theory of the day is that the coin was two headed, so the fix was in on the side of the fish being safe to eat. One option would be to take some of these fish to some prisons, have them eat them, and if they survive, it’s all clear.

  3. I read some where the government said they were working round the clock doing everything they could to remedy the situation. When I flew over Tuesday morning. There was no one on the ground and no one on Quesnel lake clearing debris.

  4. You can have your Salmon , I’ll take the Halabit , and Artic char , and Cut Throut Trout , sotayed in Butter . That’s alot of fish , what are you going to do with them ? Are they fresh or frozen ? Can the band handle that much frozen fish ?
    My cousen runs the fish plant back home , Every thing is fresh , when it goes on the truck ,
    They take it to the City and freeze most of it , and the fish is sold accross Canada , and the States .

  5. Years ago I was in the Cariboo area and kept hearing about Red turkeys for freezing and canning. I was given to understand this was referiing to salmon the Indians were selling.