Breached tailings pond update

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Breached tailings pond update

New details from the latest government update into the fallout of the massive tailings pond breach at Mount Polley mine.

The ministry of environment says second round test results from water samples taken on Tuesday will be released later today.

Results of Environment Ministry tests released yesterday, from water taken the day of the spill, showed it was safe to drink.

However a water use ban and state of emergency both remain in place.

The government is also sending a special team into Likely that will offer emotional support to the residents in the area.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines says since the Mount Polley mine was given a permit in 1995, 16 geotechnical inspections been done, 9 before it was shut down in 2001, the rest after it reopened in 2005.

Mine operator Imperial Metals is working on constructing berm to stem the flow of wastewater and toxic sediment from the breached dam.

The province says there is still some leakage even though it has declined dramatically since the breach early Monday morning.


      • What is positive about this disaster and heads should roll and recall should begin, funny that Christy Clark will not give a public inquiry why not, if they are squeaky clean maybe not enough time for their side to clean something up!

  1. Why are the Liberals allowed to take an active role in the investigation when they proudly admit to partnering with industry? How can that marriage lead to an objective investigation?

    • There is a Provincial AND federal standard for water cleanliness. Are you suggesting someone brought their own thermos from home? You are accusing the officials of cheating and that’s about the only way to do it right?