Number of cops on shift in Surrey: 36

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“It’s very concerning for the city.”

That’s Surrey Councillor Barinder Rasode who says she’s shocked to learn only 36 uniformed general duty RCMP officers are on shift at any given time in the City.

Rasode says she received the numbers from the RCMP after making the request in May….

“I think it’s very concerning when we’re dealing with the issue of public safety that because we don’t have enough officers and enough officers aren’t roadable at a given time that it not only causes concern to community in terms of response times but also the safety of the officers and the workload of the officers.”

Sergeant Dale Carr has this response:

“We don’t normally talk about the numbers of officers we have on duty for the obvious reasons, public and officers’ safety issues but what we can tell you is we put enough officers on for first response on a regular basis and those numbers rise and lower through the week.”

Carr says there are many more police officers on duty in specialized units such as traffic or dog teams.

The three dozen represent general duty officers on beat or patrol.

Surrey has 673 officers in all.


  1. Blab Blab Blab , another moron wishing for a police state , that is enough manpower to do the job than so be it , Public Safty , isn’t the problem . haveing a large influx of low lifes doesn’t help .

  2. What ever number of cops on General duty that the RCMP identified in their response to Ms Rasode, her response would have been the same
    This is all politics leading up to the fall elections and Ms Rasode is trying to create an issue and draw attention to herself.
    Remember Ms Rasode is the councillor that decided to live large at the last UBCGM by staying downtown at the taxpayers expense , rather than drive home to Surrey at the end of the day as the rest of the Surrey working stiff’s do !!

  3. Only a complete fool would release information about the number of officers on duty at any given time. Why doesn’t she just track where they are on her web site, so criminals can just identify holes in the police coverage and govern their actions accordingly. Hopefully the people of Surrey will show her the door this November. The police should not be a prop for her own political ambitions and the need to seek publicity.

  4. but the real problem is they are all in a car by themselves instead of walking around Newton bus loop and Surrey Central Station…just think if they were out there patrolling all the creeps wouldnt be able to harass and hurt people because they wouldnt be hanging around those areas..get out of the cars and walk the beat..