Major Championships or bust

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Major Championships or bust

It is called Glory’s Last Shot for a reason, as the PGA Championship is the last chance to grab a major victory on golf’s calendar.

While there are playoffs and Ryder Cups left to contend later on this summer and into the fall, Major Championships are what golfers are measured by…these are golf’s Stanley Cups.

I want to ask a question of all the diehard golf fans out there…you know who you are…I am one of them.  The question is how many Ryder Cups has Jack Nicklaus won?  How about Tom Watson? Seve Ballesteros? Bernhard Langer?  If you know the answers to these questions without hitting the Google-sphere, then a hearty congratulations to you!

The reason why we don’t know is because we don’t care…majors dictate greatness.  How many World Championships has Wayne Gretzky won in his career?  No one cares because we all know that Stanley Cups are the measuring stick and The Great One captured four in his legendary career and would have mopped the floor with the NHL had it not been for the greed of Peter Pocklington.

Which gets us back to golf. Why is Tiger Woods back after being in agonizing pain just four days ago?  Majors are what define his career and he has long been thought of as one of the greatest to play.  Is he better than Nicklaus?  The argument would be easier for Woods if he had 19 majors to Jack’s 18, but that will take some work now.

Woods believes that some chance is better than no chance at all.  Tiger has won at Valhalla and if there is anyone in this generation of golfers that can overcome…it is Woods.

Can he do it this weekend?  Unlikely…then again all he is seeking is glory’s last shot…and we all believe in miracles now and again.


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