Clark sets long-term goals of Cariboo tourism bouncing back

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Clark sets long-term goals of Cariboo tourism bouncing back

With questions concerning Polley Lake’s water being answered and Imperial Metals being on the hook for cleanup, new discussions are already being asked about the future of tourism in the Cariboo region in the wake of the Likely disaster.

Premier Christy Clark says there’s a lot of work to do to repair B.C’.s reputation in the tourism industry.

“We’re doing everything that we can to get the message out to people around the world that British Columbia is a great place to visit, and that the Cariboo in this region of the province is still a fantastic investment of your time and for your family.”

With the small community of Likely depending largely on the mine, Clark adds that she plans on meeting with the tourism associations and unions in the coming weeks and months to help recover from this disaster.

“That’s the last piece that we needed to make sure we covered off today, because I know that’s a significant concern for lots of people here in a community where there’s 300 people who depend on the mine.”


  1. This usless minister and snookie should do the honerable thing and resign.Both have shouwn that this is wau out of their league. We need new leadership which has been lacking.

    • and your nitwit NDP friends are going to behave any better ? Get over it , all politicians are in the game either to get their pockets lined or their ego’s stroked. Nothing about honour crosses their minds

  2. So much talk about clean up! How about getting it going or are they going to debate for the rest of the summer to see who is on the hook for it. Regardless, it`s the mining companies garbage so they should be well in to the clean up by now. And Clark`s appearance did what exactly? Just another premier enjoying the pay cheques and that is all she does, go to the bank!