Aerospace strike continues in Abbotsford

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Aerospace strike continues in Abbotsford

Nine weeks and counting as 440 striking Aerospace workers in Abbotsford remain off the job.

Unifor’s Gavin McGarrigle says Cascade Aerospace has been bringing in replacement workers to cross the line.

“They started bussing them in 30 or 40 of them to try and fix some planes. At the end of the day thses are very highly skilled aerospace technicians and you can’t replace 440 people with some rent a scabs from Ontario. We tried to ask the provincial government if the $5 million in training funds that they committed in April to the aerospace sector was being used to train these replacement workers from Ontario but we were met with nothing but silence.”

McGarrigle says Unifor was outside an Aerospace convention in Abbotsford Thursday afternoon attended by federal and provincial politicians.

McGarrigle says its a ridiculous situation that can be easily solved.

“Well the parties have been in bargaining. We think we are close to a deal. There is basically three items outstanding and we think that this can be done within half of a day.”

McGarrigle says his members have plans to be in Abbotsford again this weekend.

“We have tens of thousand of information leaflets that we are going to be distributing to all of the people at the Abbotsford International Airshow.”


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    • Parasites? Really? There is no need to be an insensitive a jerk.

      The Union isn’t asking the company for more. They’re just trying to maintain what they have already had for many years. The new owners of Cascade aerospace are trying to cut and slash everything they can. These workers are just trying to protect good jobs for themselves and for future hires.

      If you really want to know more and if you live in Abbotsford, take a drive down Townline Rd and talk to the people there. They picket 24/7, so drop by anytime. But layoff with the “parasite” talk.

  1. Unions may not be perfect and I do not always agree with them, however without them we would soon have nineteen century labor practices in place. As you can see labor laws are being ignored all the time.