B.C. chief who earned nearly $1M says band supports him

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B.C. chief who earned nearly $1M says band supports him

The chief of the B.C. First Nation who earned nearly a million dollars last fiscal year says his band stands behind him.

Ron Giesbrecht of the Kwikwetlem First Nation has remained mostly silent after news broke that he took in $914,000 in compensation, which includes an $800,000 for securing a deal with the provincial government.

That’s as he was Chief and Economic Development Officer for the 82-member band. That position will no longer get that bonus.

His office has refused to make him available to CKNW, but have sent a statement and a link to a YouTube video.

In the statement, Giesbrecht says he’s tried to speak to everyone, and four members had asked him to resign.

But he says most support him staying on, and he didn’t expect for the band to be so successful in its financial goals.

He adds the band will set up a separate company to handle economic development, going forward.


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  1. This clown should run for the LIE BERALS in the next election.
    That would probably make that ONE MILLION look like pocket change if people were silly enough to elect him..

  2. What else do you think he would say, that all but four wanted to dump him. He and the rest of the band have lost the little credibility that they had as far as I am concerned .
    It is about time the Governments and the people of Canada started to treat the Indians as they are, defeated and conquered peoples.

  3. Murry you sound like The English , Do they looked concered to you? I look at it this way , if he’s got a big honking nose , chances are he’s North American Indian , But If he has a smalled pushed in nose Than he’s Chinese , and probably settled here in the last 100 or so years ago .
    And Just another 1/2 or 1/4 blood .
    There is a book, from the early 70′s called Portrates
    from North America , Indian Life ,
    By Edward S Curtis , It’s a Picture Book of The Old Ones , around the turn of the last Century .
    And compareing what passes for a native to day and what they looked like in those days , Are different as day and night .

  4. I’ve voiced several times in the past years that we need to stop just giving money to first nations and actual provide them funding for development. It’s such a socialist cop out with just throwing money at them. Clearly, throwing money at them has not solved any problems. Atawaskapat (however it’s spelt) ring a bell to anyone?