Province says taxpayers will not have to fund tailings pond cleanup

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Province says taxpayers will not have to fund tailings pond cleanup

The provincial government says taxpayers will not be on the hook for cleaning up the tailings pond disaster in Likely, B.C.

“The company’s going to have to pay for the cleanup.”

Mines Minister Bill Bennett says provincial and regional crews are on the ground, but it’s Imperial Metals’ responsibility to deal with the millions of cubic metres of water and debris that has contaminated surrounding lakes and rivers.

The company’s stock fell more than 40% yesterday.

As for claims of cutbacks, Bennett says tailings ponds in B.C. are inspected no less than they were five years ago.


  1. The cuts to inspectors numbers were made in 2001 so Bill Bennett saying “we have the same number as 5 years ago” means nothing – fact is, the inspectors numbers have been cut

    • So, why is Bill Bennett running this ministry, if he’s talking through his hat? I remember when Wacky Bennett’s majority of MLA’s were car salesmen. Trying to get any truth out of that bunch was like pulling hen’s teeth. I guess they were too accustomed to lying?

  2. Were Billy’s LIE BERAL lips moving when he said us “Little People” tax payers will not have top pay for the clean up. If they were I would be very scared.
    Has snookums been up there for a photo opp yet?

  3. Should we feel confident in Bill Bennett’s statement, “The company’s going to have to pay for the cleanup.” Does Bill have any idea of the costs involved? Does Bill know for a certainty that the resource company has the revenues to cover the clean up? Does Bill know for a certainty that a satisfactory clean up is possible? Will the resource company have enough money left over to settle the law suits that will begin shortly? Lives and livelihoods have been forever altered.

    • These questions need answering and of course will be further fleshed out as more information is available. Right now, the Minister has more information than you, me or most others though.

      • Anyone with a rude against the Liberals is going to use this situation to beat them with a stick…..but it’s really premature to make pronoun cements until the water analysis is in

        • Your sanity is in the way Chris you are deflecting and defending the Liberals and this Corporation that has destroyed a beautiful part of BC . Given that the mining company’s police themselves tells a lot of what’s going on in BC. Bring out the BB-Q for photo opp’s she will be front and centre once she is briefed not to say anything. Recall coming soon! Yes! We will pay for the clean up.

  4. They will try and hide the real information. Bill. Bennett should step down immediately if it is proven negligence on government inspections. This needs to be done by independent sources not affiliated with the liberal government in any way

  5. I thought Nickle and Copper were worth some thing , why are they stored in the tailings pond ?
    May be this ore should be sent out to be prosessed . That would get rid of a problem ,
    And sat up a treatment plant for the water , It would cost , but so will their clean up .
    And the over burden could be stored as in a peramid or dike , with only run off from the rain . try to keep it dry . how much sun do they get up there all year long ? How about a soler boiler , like the use in Africa . IT would be used in day light , useing the sun , reflected by merrors , to a heating chamber , and than you boile the crap , and what’s left can be prosesed .
    Or you can do the easy way and use electric boilers , and set up your own run of the river project to produce your power .

  6. If Imperial declares bankruptcy, the BC taxpayer will be left holding the bag.

    How can we say that Imperial will clean up the mess without knowing how much clean up will cost if it is even possible?

    The answer is that Imperial will be let off the hook and only be required to remove visible evidence such as trees and logs which were carried away in tkh neighboring waterways.

    Then the area will once again become a pristine environment sitting on top of a toxic sludge.