CN Rail seeks injunction against Gitxsan First Nation

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CN Rail seeks injunction against Gitxsan First Nation

CN Rail wants a BC Supreme Court judge to grant an injunction against the Gitxsan First Nation who is threatening a blockade on the company’s tracks near New Hazelton.

In a notice of civil claim, The Canadian National Railway Company cites Gitxsan negotiator Beverley Clifton Percival and other “unknown persons.”

The claim says if a blockade occurs, CN will suffer significant damages due to delays in delivery of commodities and goods, and may results in employee layoffs because of loss of productivity.

An affidavit filed by assistant superintendent for BC South Division Michael Peterson notes CN revenue in the Bulkley subdivision is $2.1M/day.

The Gitxsan issued eviction notices to CN Rail, sports fisheries, and logging companies last month asking them to vacate their native territory.

The First Nation claims the Crown failed to consult them when granting Gitxsan land to neighboring bands.


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  1. I hope CN Rail wins this case. The Gitxsan Indians got no bloody right to block any railway in this country anymore than I have the right to. The Government and the CN Rail better have the balls to stand up to these trouble makers. If the Indians of this country think they own any part of Canada, their full of BS.

  2. While Indian bands cry for more money never ends, Indian chiefs are drawing million dollar salaries while their foot soldiers are sabotaging the very economy that houses and feeds them. They blame whites for stalling their land claims yet they can’t even agree on their traditional territories so their collective claims is 125% BC. And they wonder why they are so disrespected?

  3. Don’t hasel the Rail Road , If your pissed that some other bands got your land , than fight it , face to face , insyead of back stabing the people you don’t want to face .
    Why is it the 7 nations have a white man for a chief ?