Subban is worth every penny

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Subban is worth every penny

You hate him because he’s brash.

You hate him because he’s obnoxious.

You might even hate him just because he plays for Montreal.

But what you cannot deny is that PK Subban is one of the best young defensemen in the NHL…and over the weekend he was given a 8 year – 72 million dollar contract to remain in Montreal with the Habs…and he deserves every penny of it.

We can all complain about what pro athletes get paid and I’m sure there are a few of you yelling right now saying no athlete deserves that kind of money.

Subban gets his payday because as the Smith Barney ad used to say…he’s EARNED it. He is Montreal’s best defender by a country mile and arguably the best player on the team with the exception of Carey Price.

Subban was voted the NHL’s best defenceman two seasons ago and is just 25. He does everything well…skate, shoot, hit, fight, menace, and the scary part is he is still learning.

Hockey fans want to hate Subban for everything he stands for. He’s too extroverted on the ice, he brings to much attention upon himself…he is not a team guy. These are all fabrications.

Subban has what we call in this business a personality, and he can back it up by playing spectacularly…and it isn’t bragging if you can back it up.

And if you think that there is a general hatred in the league for Subban, there probably is

But there is also a grudging respect as well and 29 other teams that would happily sign Subban to the term and the money that he received.

Respect isn’t given, it’s earned, and PK Subban has been paid with interest.


  1. Do the Canucks have any dough in the cookie jar? He would have added not only a whack of goals, but a touch of class, not that the Canucks need it, as I think Linden has done a fantastic job of putting an organization together. First time in 15 years, I can’t wait for the NHL season to giddyup!

  2. I don’t think that he’s getting to much in the context of what NHL players are earning these days.Not am I necessarily thinking that it’s to much money.
    I do,however,think that the NHL should move to league wide, standardized prices for tickets to hockey games.It infuriates me to no end that it will cost a family of four over $800 to go to a game in Vancouver when the same family can watch the same players play the same game in another NHL city,and pay only 25%,or even less of that amount.
    Canada has less than 25% of the teams in the NHL,yet we account for 45% of the NHL’s revenue.So when NHL prices rise,we subsidize teams in cities that have very few fans,or make their tickets extremely cheap just to put some butts in the seats at the arena.
    If players salaries are market driven,then the revenue stream for all franchises in the league should be determined by market forces,and on a level playing field.The NHL’s current socialist business model is what I find more troubling than NHL salaries them
    P.K. Subban and his agent are just rightly using the system that the NHL and the NHLPA created in exactly the way it was intended to be used.But IMHO,that is a business model that skews the system in favour of some,and at the expense of some others.
    All ece surfaces in the NHL are not level or equal.THAT’S my biggest complaint.