Plumes of smoke in Surrey after early morning brush fire

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

That massive column of smoke drivers on the Patullo Bridge were seeing Tuesday morning was from a brush fire in Surrey.

Fire Chief Karen Fry says it was in a ravine at King George and 133rd Street.

What caused it?

“This time of year we could probably hypothesize but I’d probably say that it’s probably individuals possibly living down there or discarded cigarettes probably one of the two. We haven’t had anything else going on in the area that we know of.”

Fry says they got lucky this time and have the fire in their control.

But she is warning people to be very cautious with their cigarettes and any camp-fires.

She says the hot weather has everything tinder dry.


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  1. Every day on the drive in along Hwy 1 through Abby/Langley/Surrey, there are always a number of lovely smokers who feel the need to pitch their still lit butts out their vehicle windows. Thanks for sharing kids.