1.5 million Fraser sockeye salmon destined for Quesnel region

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

“There is alot of anxiety up and down the entire length of the Fraser River because all of the tribal nations are fishing sockeye right now.”

A fisheries advisor for the Sto:lo Tribal Council says First Nations are already reporting dead fish along the affected water ways.

Ernie Crey says the fish deaths could be attributable to toxins released into the water system.

“Or that there is so much siltation that the gills of the fish have been clogged and they just Asphyxiate, in other words they can’t breathe so they die. We are also concerned about what’s going to happen over the next number of days and weeks ahead. Right now we are seeing a record return of sockeye salmon to the Fraser River.

He adds “We are concerned that some of the smaller runs of sockeye that have taken hits in the past and have been diminished in numbers which we are now re-building, there could be a setback in those salmon populations.”

In an email to CKNW, Chief Biologist with the Pacific Salmon Commission, Mike Lapointe, says he forecasts around 1.5 million Fraser sockeye salmon destined for the Quesnel region this year.


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