Woods is his own worst enemy

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Woods is his own worst enemy

All of this time, everyone thought Tiger Woods weakness was the waitress pool at the Waffle House…it turns out that Eldrick’s Kryptonite  is the same as most weekend warriors, it’s injury.

Tiger Woods withdrew from the WGC Invitational at Firestone yesterday just under halfway through his fourth and final round. Tiger had an awkward lie in a bunker on the 2nd hole and jarred his surgically repaired back just four months post operation.

In his career, his list of injuries would give NFL players a run for their money. Woods has had ACL and MCL surgery on his left knee, followed by surgery to repair the left knee’s structure.

His left Achilles’ tendon has given him trouble on a number of different occasions, while Woods has also torn and aggravated his right Achilles’ tendon.

Woods has fractured his left tibia, had a bulging disk in his neck, inflamed his right elbow and last but certainly not least he has had surgery on his back.

The wear and tear of this man’s body is now catching up to him, and Tiger Woods is showing us all that he is indeed human.

His inability to take the appropriate amount of time off to properly recover from his injured back only shows us that Tiger still believes that his boundaries are different from your and mine.

Canadian golfer Graham Dalaet had the same surgery as Woods and was off golf for a year, not four months.

Dalaet realized that his long term career needed to be preserved and took the appropriate steps to insure his health and well being

Woods no longer believes he has that luxury if he is going to catch Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors.

Jack has nothing to worry about, in the end the beast that slayed the dragon that is Tiger Woods was father time, and his inability to use common sense to put his health first is what will keep him from tracking down Golf’s most hallowed record…


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