Vancouver hit and run victim identified by friends

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Vancouver hit and run victim identified by friends

Condolences are pouring in online for a 26 year old woman who was struck and severely injured in a downtown Vancouver hit and run early Monday morning.

Friends and family on social media are identifying the victim as business consultant Ovey Yeung.

Notes left on her facebook page read “get well soon and have a speedy recovery,” ” hang in there” and “stay strong, we don’t want to lose you.”

Ovey Yeung’s sister Clara has posted to her facebook page a quick note thanking everyone for their support, messages and prayers but are asking people to hold off visiting until her condition stabilizes.

The woman was mowed down by an eastbound vehicle on Pacific Boulevard near Abbott Street around 4am.

The suspect vehicle is a new model black Honda civic with extensive front end damage as a result of the collision.

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.



    • Why? Are people not allowed to be out at 4am in the morning? Are people not allowed to go out late on a weekend? Way to blame the victim here. Not to mention, this is girl you obviously don’t know personally. Sorry, I can’t just sit here and listen to a stranger speak negatively about a friend I highly respect. There’s a very good reason why she has a large number of friends but clearly you’ve already made a judgment (a quick one, might I add.) so there’s really no point in explaining why. I just hope that next time you think before you speak.

    • Steer manure. The solution is to make sure that our communities are safer no matter what time of day or night it is.Not to have people hide in their homes after the sun goes down.In case it has escaped your notice,we don’t live in a 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM,Monday to Friday world any more.
      Judging this young woman because she was out at 4:00AM is just plain wrong headed,IMHO.

  1. There are so many hit and run crimes they need to make the punishment way more severe for running.
    If you hit someone and run , your a coward, if you witness someone getting hit and don’t say anything your a coward.

  2. Maybe she was on her way to work @ CKNW! Nevertheless, it was a tragedy & I hope they find the coward who did this. It doesn’t matter what she was doing out on the street @ 4:00am! That’s NOT the point!

  3. This is probably going to be a stretch to far for most people,but I think that driver’s licenses are far to easy to get,and far to difficult to lose in BC.People do not value things that are easy to have as much as they value things that they have to work hard to earn.
    There will always be traffic accidents.But I’m betting dollars to donuts that if people who drive poorly were deprived of the privilege of driving when their performance behind the wheel is less than it should be,people would place a higher value on what they perceive as their “right” to drive.
    I wish this young woman a full and speedy recovery.And a lost or suspended driver’s license for whoever ran her down.Accident or negligence,fleeing ths scene is NEVER the right way to deal with it.