Translink says “sorry” with free rides

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Translink says "sorry" with free rides

Today is a free ride for Metro Vancouver transit users to make up for a couple of breakdowns over the last couple of weeks.

A lot less people taking transit this Monday morning than on a regular work day.

For Many of those taking the trains, like Emily Jew, free doesn’t make a difference.

“I have a monthly pass so it doesn’t really matter much to me. I can understand desperately wanting to appease everybody for the joyous time we’ve had with the trains for the past month but it doesn’t do me a lot of good.”

But for Doug Cannon who usually drives, its a different story.

“I had to come into work today so I appreciate it. But I didn’t know about it until first thing this morning. And for people who were inconvenienced last week it seems like there’s not much notice.”

That being said, Cannon says he doesn’t think a free day is necessary.

He says roads have collisions that slow traffic, trains have break downs, it’s just part of getting from point A to point B.


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  1. The headline should read “Overtaxed Metro Vancouver citizens offer free rides on public transit”. Translink only exists because they have been given many avenues by which they can extract money from our collective wallets.

  2. Nothing but a hollow gesture. For all the inconveniences of the weekday shutdowns to the working people of BC, they “compensate” them with a free travel day on a holiday.

    • I’ll tell you who I want to be compensated by. It’s the very many of your clueless ‘working people’ who drive around the Lower Mainland as if they knew what it means to sit behind the wheel of a car. Day after day after day I hear the traffic reports. All I ever seem to hear is “this bridge crawling because of an accident, the Richmond Connector not moving in either direction because of three separate accidents near the Ess curve, Iron Worker’s backed up to Kensington because of a bad rear-ender with emergency vehicles on the scene. And forget about the Massey tunnel- you may get home the day after tomorrow, if they can clear things up by then”
      Day after day of totally inconsiderate drivers who could causing accidents that so easily could have been COMPLETED avoided if they weren’t so intent on getting somewhere two minutes earlier. So what do we get in return? Tens of thousands of commuters stuck in traffic, hoping that they can get to work only somewhat late, or ditto for dinner. The problems (maybe possibly preventable, at what cost?) caused by Skytrain delays are but a mere speck of sand in a desert compared to the cumulative massive time-consuming, again totally avoidable, inane accidents caused by bad drivers. And don’t get me started on the clowns STILL on their phone sans bluetooth, or the texters.
      I’d trust Skytrain far more than the alternative. Any day.

      • I agree, it sucks HUGELY taking 1 to 3 hours to go from Annacis Island to 22nd Skytrain Station by car because some idiot on the Alex Fraser or Queensboro rear ended someone while texting or changing lanes illegally.

  3. Nice compensation Trans Link, offer most likely the lame compensation that you have that are either out of town or resting on the weekend.

    Your definition of compensation is terrible, and both your blundering management and committee replaced.

    Oh I forgot your management most likely is over paid, drives a vehicle comparable to a BMW and does not work on the week-end.

  4. thank you sky train for a fabulous day of touring your excellent system. The massive amount of people that enjoyed a gorgeous day seemed to appreciate it lonsdale Quay was a mass of people and your courteous staff handled the overload extremely well. It was great to be a tourist in my city and will most certainly use the system more often. Once again thank you trans link