Few problems for Transit Police during Celebration of Lights

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Few problems for Transit Police during Celebration of Lights

With more than 350 thousand people taking part in last night’s Celebration of Light finale, transit was the way to get home for a lot of people leaving English Bay and heading home to the suburbs.

Transit Police spokesperson Anne Drennan says for the most part passengers displayed exemplary behaviour.

“It was a good night considering the amount of people who were using transit last night. The crowds were huge – we had crush loads for a lot of the night. Generally people were behaved for a lot of the night, responsible and very respectful of one another.”

One incident of note involved two 18 year old Chilliwack men who allegedly pepper sprayed a cab driver outside Surrey Central sky train station after the driver refused to give them a free ride.

Both were arrested, and one of the men who is known to police faces multiple weapons charges.


  1. The quasi cops of Trans Link are made mostly up of retread & double dipping members of truly accredited agencies.

    I suggest that these errant citizens should not have been identifies by their racial origin for instance.

    The NW article does not seem to firmly and conclusively tie these alleged individuals to Trans Link or their property.

    Remember that the Trans Link police have a very separate and distinct mandate that they are remunerated for.

    Writing cell or texting tickets on the the likes of the King George Blvd during the morning rush hour is simply poaching what the RCMP are mandated to do.

    Worst of all is it is performed during peak times when they should be attentive, vigilant and on trains protecting the Trans Link ridership and property.

    So Trevor, yes I have a very well defined police background as a policeman and can tell you that the comments of Willie have some serious merit.

    You folks are overpaid for what you do plain and simple.