Boonstock festival reveler dies of suspected drug overdose

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Boonstock festival reveler dies of suspected drug overdose

A 24 year old woman from Leduc, Alberta, has died after a suspected drug overdose at a major music festival in Penticton.

Constable Kris Clark says the woman was taken to hospital from the Boonstock Music and Arts Festival.

Clark says two other people were in critical condition early this morning because of drug overdoses, and at least a dozen others have been treated for the same problem.

“This has obviously caused a very real concern for public safety at this event, and we fear there may be further overdose deaths if attendees do not take steps to safeguard their own health. We are asking anyone attending the event to refrain from ingesting unknown substances, and to stay hydrated as the conditions are very hot, dry and dusty on the event grounds.”

Clark says the party drug of choice at such festivals tends to be ecstasy, but he says a laboratory analysis would be required to confirm the substance in this fatal case.

Thousands of people are attending Boonstock, where dozens of artists are scheduled to play.

Two lives have now been claimed this summer at BC music festivals.

21 year old Nick Phongsavath was found dead in his tent at the Pemberton music festival in July, foul play has been ruled out.

The Squamish Valley Music Festival is scheduled for next weekend.


Public Statement from Boonstock Music and Art Festival Organizers.


Late last night, we learned that one of our guests at the Boonstock Music Festival became distressed while dancing at one of our stages. 


 Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, she tragically passed away at the Penticton Regional Hospital.


  We are deeply saddened by this news and we know that our communities will band together and keep her and her loved ones in our thoughts.


 The culture of a music festival is one that provides a place where everyone belongs, is welcomed and watches out for one another. 


 We would like to acknowledge our security team and guests who were quick to find help and assist emergency responders. 


  Lastly, and most important, we send our condolences to the loved ones of this young woman.  We are deeply saddened by this news and send our thoughts and prayers.


The Boonstock Music & Arts Festival family


(Boonstock organizers will not comment further on this matter out of respect for the family)


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  1. I have difficulty having any empathy with anyone who is old enough to realize the consequences of their actions, yet continues to participate in these stupid and dangerous activities. For that matter I wonder why NW would even use this item in their newscast. Knowledge of this death certainly offers no deterrent to others.

    • You are so very vanilla “Murray” , as you stand around the same odds/ratio simply driving your car down the street.

      The passing of this lady is unfortunate, but you would probably say that you have smoked pot before but not inhaled.

      Being critical of NW is inappropriate and the suggestion to”Gag” the media is a shallow.

      • Millions of people die each day through no cause of their own. For those I weep. You should spend your energies on these poor unfortunates. If you did you would get more of my attention. Your statements are to me like ” dust in the wind “

  2. The drug sections must be all on holidays or days off.

    Can the RCMP not draw on such resources and bill those holding the concert.

    The protection of the public and the young women et al are not important.

  3. This tragedy is but another statistic caused by those who have promoted the idea that getting stoned, totally drunk, etc is just a “harmless” way of having fun. Many of us who grew up in the fifties and sixties bought into this and encouraged it. Everyone involved would probably say that they didn’t intend for this to happen, and there is no doubt it is true-I did not because I took the time to go down to 4th Avenue in Vancouver a few times, and saw the real story-a train wreck. But this death is caused by the popular cultural attitude that the drugs are just “recreational” and aren’t harmful. Those of us who have been around a while have seen plenty of evidence to the contrary. An avoidable tragedy, and so sad for her family.