Sockeye count on Fraser River very much unclear

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Sockeye count on Fraser River very much unclear

Talk about a large margin of error.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada has left a big range for this year’s sockeye salmon numbers.

Fraser River Panel Co-chair Les Jantz says they’re expecting 7.2 million to 72 million sockeye

“The wide range is basically due to a significantly high amount of uncertainty in the forecast, primarily due to some of the very large escapements we experienced – spawning escapements – these are the fish that returned, spawned, layed their eggs in the gravel in 2010 which was a very large return year.”

As the return is only a month in, Jantz says the next few weeks will be important in determining more solid sockeye numbers.


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    • David . . . very unlikely, if not impossible . . .
      when you compare the vast amount of water in the Pacific Ocean with the tragic release of the damaged reactors in Japan . . . it’s kind of like you peeing in Cultus Lake and then claiming it is turning yellow.