Seahawks show tough love to Lynch

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Seahawks show tough love to Lynch

As the Seattle Seahawks prepare to defend their Super Bowl Championship, their biggest battle to repeat as Champs may be internal.

Yesterday, after a seven day holdout, running back Marshawn Lynch returned to the club after Seahawks GM John Schneider made it perfectly clear that the plan that the Hawks have in place to succeed requires a team commitment, and that the goals of one person will not supersede that of the team.

That statement by Schneider and the club sticking to their guns is exactly what was needed.  To give in to one player opens up Pandora’s Box and there goes the neighbourhood.

Has Marshawn Lynch had more carries than any other running back in the past three years?  Yes.

Does Marshawn Lynch have a contract in place that he signed in good faith that pays him great money and 5.5 million this year, 7.5 million next year and 17 million dollars on top of that guaranteed…you bet!

Marshawn Lynch wanted more money…the Seahawks politely told ‘Beast Mode’ to go suck an egg…and also drew a line in the sand for anyone else who thinks that they will buck the plan.

Lynch is a key part of the team, but EVERYONE…and I mean EVERYONE is replaceable, especially running backs.  While Lynch is a key part of the team, listen carefully, he is a key PART…he’s not the transmission, he’s the windshield wipers.

Seattle is in one of the toughest divisions in football and will need everyone on the same page to have a chance to repeat again…and the 49ers will be there waiting for them again at the end of the day, so to have this happen now, in the first week of camp is perfect…it sets the tone and tells everyone on the Seattle Seahawks that the team comes first.


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