North Van Police promote second annual “Operation Dry Water”

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North Van Police promote second annual  “Operation Dry Water”

North Vancouver Police are reminding those out on boats this long weekend to enjoy their time safely through “Operation Dry Water.”

The initiative hopes to bring down the number of boating accidents and deaths involving alcohol.

Corporal Richard De Jong says it’s been a busy summer for the operation, especially with the warmer weather.

“We have had several charges here recently where individuals drew attention to their boating by being under the influence of alcohol and we of course have been working with the Vancouver Police Department, the marine unit and the fireworks events and of course we see numerous boats out there, many of them with infractions with regards to boating safety and with regards to alcohol on board.”

Over the holiday weekend, De Jong says to expect more safety checks on boat launches and on the water.


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  1. And for those who think pot is a big problem , booze and fools go hand in hand . Where as pot ‘ isn’t so much an event , but some one relaxing and enjoying the pain free space , It’s nice when you can tune out and turn on in a happy state , and not a police state eather .
    Dry Water is kind of like up with down , or down with up . Just as long as you pay the bloody tax , on your booze , you would figure that would be the end of it , but there is more taxes required , called fines , than court costs , and even prison time in some cases .
    One would have to say that booze is counter productive , with it’s side efects , and probably the worse one is public drunkiness , and being a pain in the ass in general . I see nothing wrong with a kooler full of beer for the end of the day in camp . But drinking and driveing don’t mix . This patch of ground in the middle of no where , where you intend to drink your brew . is yours for the short time that you are there , enjoy and hall out your garbage .