First Nation members refuse to talk about chief’s huge salary

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First Nation members refuse to talk about chief's huge salary

A day after controversy erupted over the chief of the Kwikwetlem First Nation earning nearly $1 million, members of the band refuse to talk about it.

CKNW reporter Neetu Garcha set out to ask anyone of the 81-member band what they thought about Ron Giesbrecht’s compensation as chief and economic development officer.

“I was driving down Colony Farm Road in Coquitlam when I saw a sign leading to the Kwikwetlem First Nation reserve. It was a fairly sharp corner and I was surprised when I turned it to see a man standing there yelling and clearly waving for me to turn around and go the other way.

“I then proceeded to do so when he approached my car, I rolled down my window and said I was just wanting to see if there was someone who wanted to speak with me, and before I could get that full sentence out, he came right up to my news cruiser and yelled again for me to get off the land.”

Documents posted online as part of Ottawa’s new transparency laws on First Nations compensation show that Giesbrecht earned $914,000 last fiscal year, including an $800,000 bonus from a land deal with the provincial government.


  1. Not bad work if you can get it. One million to be the grand poo bah of 81 people!
    This will be bad because it will give the LIE BERALS cause to up their rates of pay.
    Time to cut this gravy train off.
    A million and he doesn’t even pay income tax.

  2. I feel sorry for Neetu Garcha. What a bad interview to try to get to. “Get off my land!” I wouldn’t know what to say back except maybe “Are you F_ing kidding me ! “

    • It’s about time that the first nations people stood up to these chiefs , all we hear is about the poverty on reserve’s there needs to be accountability to the band
      members and to taxpayers

  3. I do not think the public in general realizes how much money is involved in grants in this province. There are quite a few people making a good living by getting grants for people and organisations. They simply do the paper work and take their agreed upon commission. Most of these grants have confidentiality clauses so the fund has no checks.
    They tell me it is too costly to audit the funds.
    Another real , what I call a scam is the extra costs for the addition of costs for the Greening, of projects. I think lobbyists and the people they work for add a huge addition to the costs of these projects.