Toronto to host the ‘Who Cares’ Games

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Toronto to host the 'Who Cares' Games

If you are the City of Toronto and surrounding areas right now, you have to be getting just a little nervous about the upcoming Pan-Am Games in 2015.

The Games will be held next July 10-26, mostly in Toronto but also in Markham and Hamilton, at a cost of 2.4 BILLION dollars.

The nervousness that the region has to feel right now is that of event fatigue…Toronto doesn’t have it, but the rest of the world including Canada does.

So far this year alone we have had the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, which were outstanding, and the World Cup of Soccer in Brazil, which was better if not more dramatic than the Olympics.

Now the Commonwealth Games are underway in Glasgow, Scotland, and with all due respect to the athletes, the greatest moment of the games took place on the opening day when her majesty Queen Elizabeth photo bombed a couple of Australian girls field hockey players…no one has cared about the Games here in Canada.

The Commonwealth Games are taking place in the heat of the summer, which is exactly when the Pan-Ams will take place.

The kicker is that the Pan-Am games will not even be the only game in the country as the FIFA Women’s World Cup will take place over the entire country just weeks earlier.

The only people who will care are the rights holders and a few sponsors and stake holders.  Toronto’s big rush to become a ‘Can Do’ world event city may just blow right up in their faces.

The crowning touch, the cherry on the sundae, will be when newly re-elected Mayor Rob Ford helps open the games.  Any kind of currency or momentum that the games will have garnered will be squandered when that sorry excuse for a public official stands up to represent Toronto…

Big smiles Hogtown…it looks good on you!


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