UPDATES: Kwikwetlem First Nation a small band with big pay for the Chief

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UPDATES: Kwikwetlem First Nation a small band with big pay for the Chief

Questions are being raised over the pay being reeled in for the Chief of Kwikwetlem First Nation.

Kwikwetlem First Nation has 81 members with less than half living on reserve but while a small band Chief Ron Giesbrecht gets a giant $914,000 in compensation.

The next highest paid member is Councillor Ed Hall who recieved, in comparison, a paltry $52,000 dollars.

In the band’s financial breakdown it notes it has Eight and a half million in cash, with a million in long term debt.

On the revenue side the BC Government kicks in the most by far giving the band a hefty $8.2 million bucks.

The band has recently laid an ancestral claim to the Riverview lands.

The Kwikwetlem First Nation is trying to clarify why the chief was paid $914,000.

On its website Kwikwetlem First Nation says it understands seeing such a large number can be “disconcerting.”

In breaking down the compensation for Chief Ron Giesbrecht it says in the last fiscal year his salary was just over $100,000.

But he also earned $80,000 as the band’s Economic Development Officer.

The position also gets a bonus, which equaled $800,000 dollars.

Kwikwetlem First Nation says a new contract has been negotiated and the bonus removed.

It says the Chief’s salary has also been reduced to just 4800 dollars.

The Chief won’t talk saying the statement will stand for itself.

But, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation says the Chief of the Kwikwetlem First Nation should be answering tough questions.

However Jordan Bateman says Chief Ron Giesbrecht doesn’t seem to want to talk, refusing comment to media, shutting down his Facebook page, on top of throwing reporters off reserve land.

Kwikwetlem First Nation, on its website, is trying to clarify why Giesbrecht made 914-thousand dollars..but Bateman isn’t buying it.

“No I don’t in the end this is still money that went into the Chief’s pocket that would have been better spent improving conditions on the reserve. To think a person that governs 81 people, less than half who actually live on the reserve, took home more $900,000 tax free. It is outrageous and it is an embarassment to the Kwikwetlem reserve.”

As Economic Development Officer Chief Giesbrecht recieved an 800-thousand dollar bonus on an 80-thousand dollar salary for one of his two positions.


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  1. funny his salary doesn’t sound to out of line when compared to what the BC Lying Liberals pay some of their best and brightest CEO’s that are getting a public paid pay cheques … funny BC Hydro paid out All-in compensation for CEO Kimberly Harris was $3.7 million last year. And let’s not forget David Hahn CEO of BC ferries a million a year salary +and ferries still lost over 20 million dollars each and every year

    • Hardy a correct comparison. This joker is in charge of barely 30 people living on his reservation and only 80 some odd people in total. It’s crooked shady business and something should be done about it.

    • Once again Tony . . . you demonstrate to ALL that YOU don’t “get it” . . .

      This guy gets almost A Million a Year for looking after about 40 on the Reserve.
      There is NO ONE in the Private Sector or Government to compare to this . . . that is more than $20,000 per person to look after their interests . . . and he is funded with Tax Dollars.
      Wonder what the Per Capita Income is on the Reserve?
      Where are the OWS protestors for this 1%er ?

  2. Who was the genius in the government who wrote the bonus cheque ? I can understand why Mr Geisbrecht kept the money..it’s like manna from heaven…but there must have been someone who authorized the cheque , and could have raised a simple question . That’s unless bonus cheques like this are so common that it didn’t raise any alarm bells ??

  3. When oh when will our Federal and provincial Govt’s put an end to this endless holding of the rest of we Canadians to ransom by this minority group ? At 75 yrs of age, I doubt very much anything will happen in my lifetime. Not one of any of our elected reps has the guts to stand up and speak out for the other 37 million people of Canada. They should hang their heads in shame…

  4. Murry , How much is enough for greedy , ambishus , people ? do they earn the money ?
    That they are being payed ? When most of it is a golden hand shake , lets be realistic here .
    Minamum Wage for these bums should be no greater than $30,000 , A year per family and that’s all . Who Needs A WAR CHief That fills his own Pockets ,

  5. There is an old Indian saying……..the chief’s driveway is always paved… but who would have thought with gold. When so many first nations are living in poverty, without food, heat and a roof, this chief enriches himself with an obscene wage that could feed and house all 40 on reserve families for a year. This Chief reminds me of PLO leader Arafat who squirelled away in his Swiss accounts, more than 2 billion in international aid meant for the Palestinians. Who would have thought that an Indian Chief could actually make Mike Duffy look good.