UPDATED: Park board votes to ban breeding of cetaceans at Vancouver Aquarium

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The Vancouver Park Board has voted unanimously to ban the breeding of captive cetaceans, unless they’re endangered, at the Vancouver Aquarium after meeting for the third time to discuss the issue Thursday night.

Chair Aaron Jasper says the issue has been one of the toughest the board has dealt with, and there’s been mixed reaction.

“I was hoping that these public officials would listen to public opinion, where most people want these beautiful creatures to be freed. They don’t want them to be held in captivity, to be put in jail,” says resident Shirley Samples.

Jasper says the motion is not in an effort to phase out the captivity program. The board also ordered an oversight committee to be set up.

Aquarium CEO Dr. John Nightingale says he’s deeply disappointed.

“I thought we made a pretty compelling connection between the work that needs to be done in the field and the work that has to happen with animals in our care.”

He says staff will need time to review the park board’s decision.

More than 130 people signed up to speak on the issue.


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    • Agreed – this Park Board is an extension of their loonie-left Vision counterparts at City Hall. And if the public didn’t support aquarium, why do over a million of them visit annually?! Typically case of the elite left bowing to the pressure of a few, loud activists with nothing better to do.

  1. So now we are going to keep these mammals penned up in small enclosures , prevent them from mating and having offspring.

    Sounds like a real fun place for any animal … doesn’t it ???

    Sounds like a prison to me

  2. Re Shirley Samples comment about ‘most people’ should ask the 1 million people annually who pay to visit the first class aquarium every year. The protestors are loud and visible, but hardly the majority.

    A Parks Board that is on its way out should not have had the power to make this decision.

  3. The Board refused to make any stand on the morality of enslaving these animals. They thought their reliance on ‘facts’ was a better substitute.

    Constance Barnes made the analogy to the ownership, enslavement of black people. According to her logic the immorality of this practice was irrelevant. What was relevant was whether slaves were well cared for.

    Breeding to produce future captives is still permitted by sending our animals offsite for the purpose.

    There is no mechanism for a gradual phase out of captives.

    There are no restrictions placed on new or replacement animals that cannot be ‘got around’.

  4. Face it folks. Metro Vancouver is Moonbeamland and the City of Vancouver is Moonbeam City. This is what you get when a significant part of the population have adopted the moonbeam world view. The people who work with the mammals know nothing, and a moonbeamette like Shirley Samples knows more (she read it on the internet). Ah yes, just shut the aquarium down. After all, why should all those little fishies be forced to live in tanks (aka prisons)? And they are not even paid minimum wage (which should be doubled by the way). They swim around all day long and are fed some scraps that humans think they should eat, no coffee break, no stat holidays. Please, shut the aquarium down and liberate the creatures of Gaia.

  5. This is what happens when far-left Vancouver loons “FEEL” that the whales are sad . . . now they want to restrict their sexual exploits . . .
    I have seen the whales many times . . . they are very intelligent animals and look like they enjoy interacting with humans.
    Maybe we should put the Parks Board in charge of the Parade ?

  6. The City of Vancouver has become the land of nonsense. Their Park Board can only be described as an outreach program for the homeless and the silly ones. The looney left in Vancouver has no respect for anything but their narrow minded socialist thinking and autocratic mutterings that have zero foundation.

  7. I fully support this decision. I’m not looney left. I see no point in bike lanes, I hope mayor moonbeam is voted out but I don’t like having mammals enslaved for our pleasure. I bought a seasons pass for myself to the Aquarium to take my toddler to on rainy days but the whales and dolphin exhibit angered me. It’s not right. We should cage animals for our entertainment or for study. Study them in the wild. Everything we hoped to learn from them caged is already learned. It’s time to let them be.