NPA Mayoral candidate Kirk Lapointe supports Aquarium

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NPA Mayoral candidate Kirk Lapointe supports Aquarium

Saying he deplores the Mayor’s position that whales and dolphins should be phased out at the Vancouver Aquarium, NPA Mayoral candidate Kirk Lapointe says he fully supports the Aquarium’s existing policies.

Lapointe says Gregor Robertson’s views have triggered what he calls a “disruptive process” that is costing city taxpayers untold amounts of money in public hearings and consulting fees.

Later today the Vancouver Park Board meets to discuss the results of two special meetings, where over 130 people spoke for and against keeping cataceans in captivity.

Yesterday, former Vancouver Mayors Mike Harcourt, Philip Owen, Larry Campbell, and Sam Sullivan all came out in support of the Aquarium.


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  1. Gridlock Gregor and the city hall/park board loonie left Visionites have to go. A vote for LaPointe is a vote for the Aquarium and it’s million fee paying supporters.