BC School Trustees Association pitching a ‘Back to School Action Plan’

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The BC School Trustees Association is pushing a plan of action to get an education deal done before school starts in September.

President Teresa Rezansoff says they want to the province to put all the savings from the strike back into education.

As for the Teacher’s union.

“And then the other piece is asking for teachers to modify the increases that they are asking for in their overall comensation package so that we get back into that range where other public sector unions have already settled.”

As for the province’s idea to pay parents 40-dollars a day per child for daycare if school isn’t in, in September…

“We heard about it the same time as everybody else, on Twitter.”

Rezansoff says the time is now for the two sides to get deal done.


  1. So it’s vouchers. Which means we don’t need the bloated bureaucracy and administration any more. And we don’t need that chronically underfunded pension system either. Lump sum everyone,  especially those overpaid retirees.

  2. overpaid retirees? You must be talking about the MLAs right? After all, someone like Mary Polak, were she to retire or be defeated in 2017 after only 12 years of “work” will receive over $60 000 / year of a fully-indexed, full benefits pension. Not bad for a job that only requires you to attend a workplace for less than 40 days per year.

    The Pension Plan of which you and your Liberal ilk is over 80% self-funded and is far from “chronically underfunded.” Don’t let facts get in the way of your argument, though.

    • Bob are you jealous. You can always apply for the job, run in your riding, and if the ndp doesn’t want you can always campaign as an independent.

      As for any MLA working 40 days a year, maybe you should check into that a little more. Just because they aren’t sitting in the legislature they are working hard for the constituents in their riding as well as all the people of BC. Both Liberal and ndp work extremely hard behind the scenes, a lot of them give up their professions to work for the people of this province and if you think they work 35 hour work weeks give your head a shake.

      As for pensions going just to Liberals, your ndp friends voted for it also and receive it.

    • Bob, go to mthe BCPSEA website and read the demands and the costs.
      Then come back of your post? You should really try to understand the situation before
      Why is it that Teachers are the least inform of what the Union is doing?

  3. The only problem with any attempt to end this dispute is the obvious fact that one of the participants has no will to conclude.
    The Liberal government continues to stall mediation. How can one side in a dispute refuse to go to mediation? The purpose of the mediation “tool” is to give advice to BOTH sides on how to reach middle ground. The Liberals want to “mediate” their own mediation! Doesn’t work that way.
    In addition, in Canada it is illegal to “strip” contract language out of a collectively bargained and mutually agreed to contract. Doesn’t work that way. The Liberal government has used the Provincial Legislature to violate teachers’ Charter Rights not once, but twice.
    These facts put teachers in a separate “zone” of settlement than other public sector unions.
    No other public sector union has two BC Supreme Court rulings in their favour: the last one [Feb 2014] reinstating all stripped language back to 2002 levels.
    All British Columbians, none more than the people who care about and work in the Public School System, continue to pay a very high price in money, stress, and time to teach the Liberal Government the lesson that stripping a contract in this country is illegal.
    The time for an objective third party voice in this dispute is long overdue. Stop the “spin”, the “sham”, the “stall”. Go to mediation now!

  4. This daycare payout thing just cooked the Liberals. It just proved to people that they never had any plan of negotiating salary, class size or class composition in good faith.
    Then add the act of recruiting the “Coalition of BC Businesses” to file an intervention on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on their appeal to delay the outcomes, just further proves that they are out to destroy the Public Education System.
    Just think how fast the middle class and poor will fall behind the rich when proper education is taken away from them.
    Pro-Corporate Greed rules B.C. (not the small businessman -they get screwed by this government too)