Homeless population may not be as transient as commonly believed

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The Metro Vancouver Homeless countless was carried out a few months ago but now a 70 page “final report’s” come out detailing some of the findings.

The report, by the Greater Vancouver Regional Steering Committee on Homelessness, says among respondents, 79% reported living in the city where they were interviewed for at least a year.

51% of the homeless said they lived in the same place for ten years or more.

More than 200 homeless said they had lived in the city where they were interviewed their entire lives and many others had moved to the community at a young age.

What’s most disturbing in the report:  88 children were counted as homeless accompanied by a parent.


    • Excellent idea. I’d go even further! Since offshore buying is causing the housing crisis and British Columbian want’s to take responsibility then the government SHOULD be making big money from the wealthy to help people on welfare/disability living in hell because they can’t work, or even get a decent place to live. 88 homeless children! WAY TO GO BC! Be proud of that one!

  1. Based on the news report- all this study has proven is Metro Vancouver a place of choice to be homeless and once people arrive here they tend to stay.
    More information is needed before any comment can be made regarding children living on the street.
    And in the big picture- who checks on the truth and accuracy of the responses.