UPDATED: Homeless continue the ‘Abbotsford shuffle’ after eviction from camp

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BC Hydro called out bailiffs to serve eviction notice at latest homeless camp.

The eviction deadline for a couple of dozen homeless people living in a camp along Gladys Avenue in Abbotsford has come and gone.

So far no one has enforced BC Hydro’s eviction notice but some people are packing up and leaving.

BC Hydro spokesperson Mora Scott says bailiffs were called out to help serve the eviction notices.

“If we don’t see movement after the last notices have been issued, we would defer to the Abbotsford police.”

She says Hydro officials hope the homeless move into the housing they’ve tried to arrange for them.

Hydro served notices earlier this month, saying the camp was too close to a rail line and electrical equipment.


Many in Abbotsford skeptical of Mayor’s Task Force on Homelessness.

Homeless advocate Ward Draper with 5 and 2 Ministry calls this another step in the “Abbotsford Shuffle,” which started with the city dumping chicken manure last year.

“We’ve seen about 13 months of this on-going, intense intentional movement from this location. It is interesting that BC Hydro has now been dragged into this.”

Draper says he doesn’t know what’s next but says he has little confidence in the Task Force on Homelessness the Mayor has put together.

This is the fourth time Melanie Konkin has had to move in ten months she has been homeless in Abbotsford.

And like many here, she doesn’t know where she is going now.

“I’m thinking maybe Saskatoon? If I head there, I might get there by September 1st.”

Konkin’s take on the Mayor’s task force on homelessness is simple: “I feel like the mayor is an idiot. Sorry, but I had to say it. I don’t care. He is an idiot.’

She says her profession before this was building operations, until she was injured and ended up broke and on drugs.


“Nobody deserves to live in a tent. Nobody deserves to live on a railway right of way.”

Meanwhile, Abbotsford Mayor Bruce Banman admits the so-called shuffle is frustrating, adding “there has got to be better solutions than this.”

His task force is expected to report back with ideas by September.


Listen to Shane Wood ford’s full interview with Mayor Banman here:



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  1. Well, as an Abbotsford home owner who lives very close to this mess, I say, how about packing these people up and shipping them to the interior and “volunteering” them to fight forest fires. Why are we, the hardworking taxpayers, constantly having to pay more and more in order to give those who feel so self-entitled a place to live? These people never seem to be made to do something with themselves. They’re just allowed to set up shop wherever the heck they please, and the rest of us have to bow down to them. I’m sick of it.

  2. i agree with your comment. i live in Brazil and here the things works the same way, some working hard to paying all the taxes, who are many here, to a lot people living in government expense.

  3. The biggest problem we have in Abbotsford is the 5 and 2 Ministry. We have a homeless problem because of all the support they get from this “church.” Someone should do some investigative journalism and run background checks on these individuals. I bet the horror stories you’d find would kill the small amount of community support they have

    • I’ve been asking the same thing. Someone should do a background check on this Mr. Draper, but don’t forget about his right hand Mr. Wegenast, either.

  4. Well, having a steady income, security and stability is of course what we would wish for anyone in our community. But honestly, I’d love to see any of you hire somebody off the street. Flippantly saying “Get a job” like it’s as simple as them dropping off a resume? Give me a break.