While Saskatchewan yanks its smart meters BC won’t do the same

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While Saskatchewan yanks its smart meters BC won't do the same

BC will not follow Saskatchewan in ditching smart meters.

Energy Minister Bill Bennett says 99% of BC Hydro customers now have the high-tech devices in place and they’re here to stay.

“It’s unfortunate that Saskatchewan is doing what it’s doing, but that’s up to them, we’re convinced that smart meters are actually going to take pressure off rates and are actually going to be a benefit to ratepayers.”

Saskpower has been told to yank the 105,000 smart meters it has installed so far and re-install the old meters.

The move in Saskatchewan follows reports of at least six smart meters catching fire, BC Hydro installed a different model.

However there have been reports of smart meters catching fire in BC, Hydro is looking into the exact numbers.


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  1. “It’s unfortunate that Saskatchewan is doing what it’s doing, but that’s up to them, we’re convinced that smart meters are actually going to take pressure off rates and are actually going to be a benefit to ratepayers.”

    What would we ever do without Billy Bennett lies! No where on this planet has anyone ever experienced a saving with the advent of the not so smart meter. That includes Central America, South America, USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. And when time of use billing is introduced those smiling most broadly are governments (like the BC Liberals) their cronies and shareholders. Mere minions have the opportunity to pay more, surprise! Ontario smart meter customers did their best to rearrange their lifestyles to conform to the the “time of use billing” structures only to be told by Ontario Hydro that because not enough revenue was being generated the price for off peak hours had to be raised to make up for the short fall.

    PS And no, because meter reading staff were no longer required and were let go, the customer’s cost did not go down. BC Hydro never removed that fee. Hey, Hydro has one heck of an expensive pay roll and every fee helps.

  2. They said the same thing in Sask and now their pulling them out.
    This is another burden from Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals to help their corporate friends like GE make a killing as he did with the run of river projects that only generate power in the spring when we don’t need it.
    I don’t know how anyone can say the BC Liberals are great fiscal managers when everything to do with government has skyrocketed and the provincial debt is now over 60 billion.

  3. Strange is the claim that smart meters in BC “are actually going to take pressure of rates and are actually going to be a benefit to ratepayers.” (Unquote)

    Yesterday, he told us that an improving economy will allow hydro rate increases to be reduced. And when the 28 percent rate hike was announced we were told that BC Hydro had to finance all sorts of capital infrastructure-including the 1 billion dollar smart meters. Those smart meters were not free or found in a cereal or popcorn box.

    Again why were such high rate increases necessary in the first place because the $1 billion smart meter program was going to be a benefit to the ratepayers?

    Time that BCUC was allowed to provide oversight over BC Hydro operations including the justification for rate increases.
    We are getting mixed messages from this minister.

    BTW Fortis submitted its rate-change proposal because it bought out two smaller companies in Whistler and Vancouver Island. The proposal was reviewed by the BCUC which approved a single rate schedule regardless of where a ratepayerwas located. It was an open and transparent process as Fortis had nothing to hide-unlike the provincial government.

  4. There is nothing “Smart” about these meters . . . every State or Province where they have been installed has had the same problems.
    Here in BC we spent a BILLION Dollars . . . to fix a problem that did not exist. The old analogue, Made In Canada, meters worked well for decades, mine was on the wall for 20+ years with zero problems.
    We will also be very disappointed with these turkeys when they start failing en masse in about 8 to 10 years and another Billion is required to replace them.
    They also emit a signal every Three or Four Minutes as I have had to shut off my security lite on the corner of the house near the meter because it gets triggered by the meter a few seconds after it shuts off . . . the meter would turn this light on 20 or more times every hour all nite long.

  5. Bennett is willing to put profit and “rate savings” (which have never materialized anywhere) ahead of lives. Shame on him.
    Finally he admits that there have been smart meter fires in BC. Until now he, Len Garis (head of the fire chiefs association) and Hydro have said there have been no fires. Shame on them.
    Lies, lies and more lies is all we’ve had with this govt and the program. How many fires is enough, Mr. Bennett, to make you call a halt? How many lives must be lost and homes damaged before you have the courage to do what Saskatchewan’s Energy Minister has done.
    Shame on the Liberals.

      • And another majority of voters. Your friends, the “New” Democrats will be sitting on the other side again. Get used to it. There hasn’t been anything new with the “New” Democrats since they started.

    • Actually Cheryl . . . if you look around the continent . . . most Provinces and States that have installed these things are run by the loonie-left . . . California, Ontario are two prime examples. These regions have also pushed wind and solar . . . which are dismal failures. California also exempted the “wind” industry from being held liable for killing Eagles and Condors . . . you and I would go to jail.
      One duck in Ft. McMurray gets national news coverage . . . but 100s of thousands of bird and bats killed every year by so-called renewable energy gets a Pass! ! !

  6. The only thing these tin boxes do, is monitoring our power habits, nothing more, nothing less. They have nothing Smart associated to them despite what the Lieberals claim. The only reason they are forcing these upon us, is so we can be connected to the North American spy grid, which only benefits Billy Badnutt and his cronies.

  7. You’re wrong about smart meters only monitoring your power habits; read “The BioInitiative Report” to become informed about a couple of thousand studies on the hazards of EMF, health hazards, etc. The dirty electricity engendered by these meters adds more problems to those sensitive to EMF (In Sweden it is now officially labelled a disability ); auto-immune diseases: “no known cause and no known cure”; could it be mere coincidence that the rise of these corresponds to the rise in wireless technology?

  8. Bill Bennett along with all the other BC Liberals should not be listened to as his pension relies on the Smart Meter Grid being intact. Why does BC Hydro pay the BC Government $450 million per year? Why isn’t BCUC allowed to do their job in protecting us from Utility Companies extortion rates? Why does the BC Government use Orders in Council to control BCUC instead of tried and true Democracy? From 1992 to 2007, the BC Government issued BCUC Special Directions. These were replaced by Orders in Council (18 between 2012 and 2014) among which BCUC was not to interfere with anything BC Hydro did. What then is BCUC’s role? BCUC is now as effective and expensive as the Ombudsperson whose hands are tied because she is not allowed to do anything. When is Canada going to get back to being a Democracy?

    • Billy Bennett…everyone’s favorite energy minister. Every once in a while Billy throws us feel good messages. They’re nothing more than the everyday variety of Liberal lies. When Bill ordered the BCUC not to participate in the Site C Damn hearings he had my attention. When he said this was done to prevent BCUC from bogging down the hearings with a lot of questions I thought he can’t be doing this. I of course was wrong.

  9. Last week Victoria’s Times-Colonist ran a letter about lying politicians. This was the day before Bill Bennett said there are no problems with BC Hydro’s Smart meters. Talk about irony! Oh and Billy do check “BC Hydro Smart Meter Fires” on Youtube. There is not one. There are many.
    BCUC is a disappointment as well. Non-partisan protector of the province’s people. Right!