UPDATED: Supreme Court of Canada makes ‘groundbreaking’ ruling on Mr. Big cases

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UPDATED: Supreme Court of Canada makes 'groundbreaking' ruling on Mr. Big cases

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled the “Mr. Big” scenario is not admissible at trial, unless the Crown proves it should be.

The sting involves undercover cops posing as gang bosses and getting suspects to confess to crimes.

Lawyer Russell Silverstein with the Association in Defense of the Wrongfully Convicted is elated.

“This decision is groundbreaking. It creates an entirely new rule as to the admissibility of confessions.”

He says this decision will rock the legal world, including cases currently in progress.

“If the jury’s already heard the confession, then there has to be a reconsideration. And if under the new rules the jury shouldn’t have heard it, there will be a mistrial and start again.”

Silverstein says confessions made in Mr. Big stings have always been suspect in his mind and likely to lead to wrongful convictions.


  1. Wow ! If it wasn’t cler before … it is now . The SCOC have set themselves up as an unelected government and are dictiating their views .

    We need to change the rules and get these clowns out … find some judges who will work within the rules that have been passed by a democratically elected government .

    • I never thought I would, but I’m starting to agree. Too many of these judgements are not serving the public well. As a tool, I see nothing wrong with tricking criminals to stablish the truth. If 1 or 2 of these “Mr Big” cases are actually seeing false confessions they should be dealt with appropriately case by case, but to create this blanket ruling is nuts. I see a lot of lawyers licking their chops while considering appeals to old verdicts.

  2. The court has not forbidden these stings. They are risky procedures so the court is saying that police have to be very careful and selective when they use the technique. It is a serious warning that such stings have to be conducted properly. The accused must have revealed facts that only the perpetrator of the crime would know. A mere confession that they did the crime is not sufficient.

  3. Another decision by judges who are not accountable to the people. This decision will only help the criminals. Hopefully our elected government will appeal this silly decision. It is time these judges had to face the electorate and be accountable.