Cyclist killed in Richmond

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Cyclist killed in Richmond

A cyclist is dead after being struck by a car on Russ Baker Way in Richmond

RCMP Corporal Stephanie Ashton says investigators are on scene trying to figure out what happened

“The cyclist was taken to hospital with life threatening injuries. At 4:22pm this afternoon unfortunately the female cyclist succumbed to those injuries. The driver of the vehicle has remained at the scene and is cooperating with police.”

Ashton says it’s too early to say if any charges could be pending.

“We have called in the Integrated Collision Analyst Response section to assist us with the investigation. We are not sure if alcohol or drugs are a factor as of yet. We won’t know more until we are further into the investigation. Finally the Northbound lanes of both Gilbert and Russ Baker way will be closed for several hours.”

Ashton says RCMP have yet to tell her family.

“Cyclist is female we don’t know her age as of yet. She was rushed to hospital for treatment and died when she arrived at the hospital. We should have more details and hopefuly be able to advise the family fairly quickly.”

Northbound lanes of Russ Baker way and Gilbert are closed and likely will be for a while.


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    • Russ Baker Way has a designated cycling lane, and she was also apparently killed while stationary waiting for the light to change, so this could have just as easily happened to a pedestrian waiting to cross the street at the same location.

  1. This is so sad. Being a cyclist that uses my truck very little. I really feel sorry for this women’s family. I will say on busy roads cyclists using bike lanes or riding in the gutter are taking their lives in their own hands. Riding in the gutter gives motorists the right to ignore you and speed by. Most All driver exceed the speed limit even while texting. The most important thing for a cyclist to do while riding on the road is to be seen. Most bike lanes in the lower mainland are put in for motorists, so they can ignore you and speed by. Bike lanes are for drivers not bikes. They funnel cyclist into the kill zones at bridges and intersections. The best place to ride is way out into the lane so drivers will see you as an obstacle and have to think to deal with you. Don’t let motorists ignore you. Because they will most of the time.
    Just so you drivers don’t get to righteous. Statistically the biggest killer of humane beings between 0 and 35 years of ages is the automobile. After that disease catches up.