Another man goes missing from Colony Farm

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Another man goes missing from Colony Farm

A man has escaped from the Colony Farm forensic psychiatric hospital in Coquitlam.

Police say there’s a warrant out for Shane Metcalfe, who was a mental illness.

He’s white, 44 years old, 5-foot-7 with a medium build and short messy brown hair.

Do not approach, but call 911 if you see him.


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  1. As a matter of fact and on an excellent source from Colony Farm, some inmates are allowed out on day passes and when they do not return, the media blows the event out of proportion and scares the general public! The Province has indicated to the RCMP to step in to ensure public safety. The RCMP make a mater-of-fact visit to Colony farms.

  2. Fair enough Dan, however as a resident of the City I get sick and tired them simply walking away and may I remind you that this is the second one this week and there are still two outstanding from months ago. I’m sure if one of them entered your home or came into contact with a family member of yours you would have a change of attitude

  3. The top floor of Colony Farm(4th) was saved for the heavy duties up to 40 years ago, like baby bakers, and family mass murderers. My wife was a psych nurse on that floor for a period of her career, and the inmates, patients, whatever, would compete for the numbers and records of murdered. I remember one got loose, and went to the Kootenays, and did an entire family in. Yes, he got the record, and when returned, was just a grinning. He was the KING of F4. Day passes? Who in the hell dreamt that one up, especially Colony Farm. The public hears very little of what goes on in that place. It has been said, if you work with these people long enough, one can go a little wonky themselves.